Don’t become VIP’s empty seat

Today I would like to talk about how to keep observing about our potential, the reason I write down this because I give you another point of view how to be VIP person, to become VIP person, we can't just let making the life circumstance becoming comfortable in our version, but we need to offer service for other people so they will reveal something benefit from us, the man who admire in his inner potential world, he will become VIP empty seat, if he stays focus how to offer better world for many people, other people will become VIP empty seat and he will become VIP, from now I invite your inner potential to truthfully express about yourself, imagine when all of your potential are needed by all people the world, you will not become the castaway person anymore because your potential already become a solid guarantee to represent your entire career.

When you know the advantage how to become VIP person, you already step ahead in the future because you realize how to be big team in chasing career, the first thing we should learn is behold your masterpiece and train your masterpiece to solve as many as problem, the more you take risk, the more opportunity you will find a way to build solution, so if you want to build for your own luck, you have to keep observing about problem and provide some resources of information, although we don’t know what career will pursuit us, we must use out of the box's method to measure how much possibility which may appears and increase our potential, we must focus on the possibility which may alter our method to the next problem, sometimes almighty GOD wrap the reward with new problem, and every problem lies opportunity to evolve and not all opportunity offers problem, the important thing is demonstrate your greatest effort until it will stop promote about yourself .

I am sure everybody wants to be VIP person but why most people are failed in the same post, because they don’t want to evolve their potential in everyday and they just repeat the unproductive mistake and say “I am not talented, I am not in good luck and I am not meticulous for opportunity”, please remember; when you say something bad that you have put it into your mind, you always be mediocre as always, beware of what you are saying to yourself  because your subconscious mind will record and give the result back into your conscious mind.

If you want to become VIP person to yourself, you have to forget what you did in the past and start new thing when you haven't tried before, please remember no matter how great you were in the past, your accomplishment in the past didn’t determine your future, the reason why we must forget the past because the yesterday always taught us how to become an intellectual snob and teach us how to stay longer in one barrel where it will not give us good lesson except we will get new recesion.

People who always memorize the yesterday’s event, when they dwelt longer in yesterday event, their time will eat their value, they unwittingly taught themselves how to become VIP’s empty seat and they will never tried to sit in VIP seat because they  insist to prioritize the human's comfortable feeling as the main goal, please remember, passion is not growing up in the short term effort, so we must get up and do something better as the top priority, if we stop growing up, our faith will be the same ending like the rock in the mountain and it’s always live stagnancy in the one place and perish by itself.