How to Face your Fear

Today I would like to talk about How to face your fear in our life, the reason I choose that topic because I want to share how to manipulate our idea to think better, not rethink what we have known beforehand, it’s very surprising if you want to spend your time to contemplate in this moment how to face your own fear, we all know everybody will keep distance away from what they have done to fear, but in fact everybody always pay something to make their fear bigger than they imagine before, that’s reason they can’t stay away from the fear because they have done something prohibited, based on the statistic data, most people in the world are doing something they have known and do what they have learned from the education system how to earn money only but they have not been educated how to live together with their fearfulness, most people do not try to find the clearest way how to be affectionate and choose living together with the fear without attaining it in your mindset.

Please remember the fear is not part of threat, but it’s the sign of carefully how to think better and observe what you need to pursue, I give you an example, if you are afraid of lack of money, you don’t need to make money by exchanging with your time being, you just need to make money by exchanging as many as people who trust about what you can do for them, do what make you please to do and ensure what you have done will bring benefit to others and also profitable for yourself, we can’t depend all the time being to people who just give you some money, it’s under threat, there’s another way; you can depend all your time being to creativity which you can do something valuable to people who can’t make profit to yourself, if you keep doing it into your daily activity, you’re going to feel better and your feeling of fear will turn into passion for everlasting.

To face our fear, we can’t avoid it continually because feeling of worry and fear are part of the ultimate power, both of them are going to be active when we are entering into insecure area such as working at company until people don’t have holiday to refresh their mindset, so I would give you a suggestion; before you choose how to live happily ever after, you need to secure your fear by doing what you want to serve in publicity, that's prerequisite to turn your fear into power, please remember; you can’t be rich until you have something that money can’t buy your creativity and your time being.