How to improve own belief

Today I would like to talk about how to improve own belief, the reason i choose the topic because many people's mindset are trapped with dogma without knowing whether it's right or wrong, some people say every belief will guide to the new future but it hasn't been proved yet, to start a new thing in the beginning of journey, we need to leave the unproductive habit and improve the way of life, the first thing we should prepare is clearing our vision and flourishing own mindset with the truthfulness information where it can't be created by human being, the second thing we should prepare is leaving the unsuccessful paradigm. if we want to start learning a new thing, we must possess 3 things; new habit, new mindset, new belief and a new philosophy, the reason why we must possess them because they are part of biggest revolution which may leads us to the new life, the meaning of new life is the way of life where it offers an opportunity to improve what we need to improve and stop resisting what we can’t improve.

I will give you example how to improve what we need to improve; you may say “I believe what I can do right now will bring to the bright future” in my opinion that’s wrong belief because we are not authorized to determine the future time and we can’t run any events may happen in the near future, in my opinion that idealism always gives spark of problem and it will reborn new problem in our future’s time. If we want to change our belief, we need to make critical question to ourselves such as “I don’t know what kind of gift I will receive from the future, soon or later my action will be waited by mistake, but when I successfully encourage myself to make new mistake, soon or later I will understand something better, here's the message of life; when people do something regularly, life will not attract you with something unusual, because life is not interested with something usual, something great can’t be started when we do something usual and we keep doing what we only can do, life is waiting  us when we are interested how to improve what other people don’t want to improve”.

the most frustrated feeling is when we want to improve something what we can't improve, and we hope tomorrow’s time will improve our belief in the past time, please remember; if we keep trusting what we can’t trust, that belief will alter human feeling to start frustrated for long time. The key how to change ourselves is starting to enhance the knowledge and keep our emotion to feel never good enough, means our emotional intelligent must be hungry with the life education, life education system is always teaching human being by producing something new where we don’t know about its function, our belief can’t get stronger when we don’t keep good relationship with good habit, good habit is always keeping you inspired and it will let you to apply what you know about the reality life, that’s logical thinking how to change our belief.

Good Habit is always preventing you to keep doing something irrelevant with good career in the future, to dispose bad habit, we need to sharpen new habit by doing repetition until we no longer need our oldest lesson. Please remember; we can’t create the strongest belief without attaining the certain drive in our mindset, the certain drive means we will keep using a valuable gift from the almighty GOD to improve our necessity the first gift is discipline, the second gift is strong desire and the third gift is imagination, please take a note; without activating three of them, we can’t create new decision, we can’t create the strongest belief,we can’t create new habit,finally our destiny will be stuck in the past time, that’s rule.