If you want to find, you must search

Today I would like to talk about how to maintenance our personality to  keep searching new thing where we will never met before, it's about searching the enlightenment in this life, the reason I choose the topic because many of us always forget about our mission in this life, that's why I would like to invite your personality to be new guy for every single day, time is very important because it’s becoming as the top asset, many people’s mindset were trapped in the past because they just believed the last effort was part of best performance, in my opinion, this mindset belongs to fixed mindset, not growth.

To get enlightenment in this life, we must obey the universe’s rule, we are not allowed to make wrong accusation or against it, universe teaches us to keep learning new thing because universe offers enlightenment to improve our personal character, we can’t make a better life if we just rely on something in the past, yesterday was part of history and it's never become new story in our new days, please remember yesterday never create a new story because yesterday was used to store our result and result will never change or determine the life rule in the future, result is used to compare which best version of ourselves from one time to another one, the only thing we can do in this life is digging your well to draw as much as water to flow your reality with your greatest potential, water is like the human potential and it’s ubiquitous, it’s ready to be activated at anytime.

If we want to improve our personality, we are not allowed to make judgment at the first line because problem will never accept our excuses except we keep persistent to find the resources to minimize the impact of problem, besides that magnifying an excuses will not change circumstance, please remember the reality doesn’t need about your judgment at all, whether you like it or not with the circumstance treatment, only you will determine which best version of lesson you will take at that time, the life says if human being stops growing up and stop to search new thing, human will not never make wisdom in the rest of their life.

The reason why all human being are being requested by the universe to keep learning because life will never stop teaching, Almighty GOD wants us to follow his wisdom by following the universe's rule, that's secret how to keep peace and keep prospering, besides that universe will offers the assistance to help you how to unlock your unlimited wealth in order to change your destiny, please remember; in order to live in this life, we must create something different to accept the uncomfortable thing which may come to welcome us in the new way, the reason why we must be different  in every single day rather than other people because human being are not born to be good stuff or becoming an accessories, but it’s part of best masterpiece in the eye of almighty GOD, we are limited edition, we have holy duty to bring peace and lighten the revelation.