Money will enslave your potential, but creativity will enslave money

Today I would like to talk about how to prevent our emotional feeling from satisfaction, some people consider satisfaction will determine big result, I guess it doesn’t work, the reason satisfaction doesn’t determine a big result because feeling of satisfaction is not targeting the long term result, but it offers human to take the short term result and forget the opportunity ahead, to set primary goal, we need to dispose our satisfaction first because satisfaction and perseverance can’t work together to achieve and pursue the higher standard.

Please be watchful with something you followed because your commitment will guide you to the next process, even though you are doing smallest action, it will determine your big result whether it's going to fail your career or succeed your career, keep flourishing your good commitment is the only way how to grow up your self-potential, when you are being entrusted to do something greater than most people do, you will be driven with your commitment to do different thing where the ordinary people can’t enter it,  so if you want to change your career, all you need to do is keep searching something where it stops you to evolve, money will stop your creativity to evolve, so keep observing until you no longer introduce yourself with expectation.

Please remember; small job is only mandated to the small people and great job is not mandated to the type of people who always feel sorry about themselves, people who are always getting satisfied with short term satisfaction, they will never meet with longevity and happiness in longest period, the reason is because they are always worrying about upcoming big risk and upcoming big opportunity, please remember; big loss are not determined with amount the money you lost, but big loss are part of losing single of  opportunity and losing the promotion for your biggest ideas.
money will enslave your potential, but creativity will enslave money

 Every stage of life are always demanding the different you from one to place to another one, the main reason why life is always demanding you such thing because that’s guarantee process which is offered by life to the human who wants to get longevity and prosperous life, so beware of what do you pursuit because the following items will insist you to keep going and dictate of your action.

Every determination will unlock your creativity, so when you keep hungry by digging your perseverance to gain the power of imagination, you will create new knowledge for your next accomplishment, on the other hand if you are satisfied with small result, the biggest potential can’t be seen and also it can't touched by you because your satisfaction will oppose your inner potential, my advice to you; don’t chase the amount of money at the first priority because money is always slowing your creativity motion and also it will blockade your potential to evolve. No matter how hard you keep struggling than you expect, in the middle process until the end journey, you will not be disappointed with the end result because your inner world will always give you new direction to the unlimited resources, but if you are easily be satisfied with small result, you will taste disappointment for your rest of life.