Negativity can’t thrive by itself


Today I would like to talk about the negativity’s movement, the reason I write down about it because I would like to let you know that negativity is inactive when human’s decisiveness is inactive, otherwise negativity will be active when you harvest the seed of negativity within yourself, the negativity knows when you need something benefit, but you fail to realize that every negativity guides you to the positive area when you keep persistent to employ the negativity, that’s rule, negativity energy is always silent and stay in one place area, negativity power can grow rapidly when you are angry and when you do not stop complaining about the life treatment.

Negativity is like a sea level, you can’t empty the sea water’s level because it’s always abundance, all we need to do is making our mind and heart drifted with something stronger and bigger to protect us from drowning into water’s depth, here is the important thing; the purpose of negativity is not aiming people’s life to be destroyed or to be weakened but negativity is teaching us how to unlock positive mindset through facing insurmountable problem in our daily routine activity.

The negativity can’t grow by itself, it’s waiting our decisiveness to evolve, negativity power can grow faster when we fertilize it with our anger, complaining a lot, disgraceful, cheating, swindle, etc. but if we stop focusing about ourselves and start to do something useful to other people, the negativity power becomes neutral and start to support the positive energy to come and approach us, for the most important thing is negativity can grow bigger automatically when we lose self-control.

So starting from now, we must train our mindset to appreciate the smallest blessing within our life although we may not like it about the treatment, we can start to utilize our potential energy like learning how to make composite of idea, activating our emotional intelligent every day like retention, consistency and discipline, please remember; person who usually does the right thing without doubt and person who never doubts when other people are starting to doubt, He will become invincible a person for everlasting time because negativity power only defeat a doubtful people.

 Please remember; we will never be satisfied if we just depend on a lot of positive energy because the successful people always tame negative mindset and fertilize the positive mindset altogether, the key to tame the negativity is build new personality to lock the negativity and change it into the perseverance power all the time, please take a note; all we need to do in this life is do something what we can control, and don’t stress with something that we can’t control it, if we insist, we will lose the value of the time.