Negativity is not threat, its sign of carefulness

Today I would like to talk about negativity, the reason I choose that topic because I want to reopen the old education and renew it with new mindset, as we know most people consider negativity is always bringing bad thing, in fact no one can succeed to interpret the negativity in one night, that’s why I would like to give new point of view how to understand the negativity.

Negativity is not created to let people’s life becomes weak, but negativity is created to prepare better life for human’s welfare, Almighty GOD doesn’t create something wrong although many people doubt with Almighty GOD’s wisdom, He creates negativity which is intended to teach people how to be stronger, He lays upon problem to empower human being to keep evolving until the negativity season is no longer blossoming.

No one knows about the reason why Almighty GOD creates Negativity, but in the end result our mind is always twisted with our minor opinion, negativity’s power can’t be separated with positive’s power because both are working together to create the uncommonly direction to every human’s life so if you ask me how to judge about negativity, I will say “don’t ever try to judge negativity for your everlasting life because you will absorb more negativity within yourself, as human being all we need to do is keep upgrading our life by training ourselves everyday how to solve problem, please remember; when you consider a problem as it’s not problem, your life is getting evolved because you succeed employing the negativity’s power and positive power within you, so if you see negativity, don’t judge problem as problem but employ it until negativity’s power will work together with positive power in order to support what do you want to prove.
positive and negative like a water in the glass

 In the reality, many people consider the negativity is inviting the dangerous thing, and harm to the individual person, I know the reason why people says such thing because they don’t know about its function, most people are educated to live secure and consider the negativity as bad influence in their logical thinking, in my opinion that’s a normal mind, in the positive mindset; negativity can’t be thought as the mathematical problem, but negativity is sign of carefulness and it is telling to the human being to be ready and prepare what they need to prepare because one day we will need a problem to upgrade our career in this life, start from now we can change our mindset and consider all the things happen in this life will be awesome.