What’s important to make new mistake

Today I would like to talk about what’s important to make new mistake, we all know some people consider making too much mistakes are making other people feel disrespected, in fact making new mistake is part of progression, not making recession, if we compare with someone who is waiting the result or waiting progress, making new mistake in career is better than keeping waiting something important because every new result depends on every little progress, that’s law, no one can be valued as successful people if they skip the progress or skip the program series how to act and how to learn.

Every accomplishment can’t be skipped by avoiding a mistake or avoiding the momentum because if we deliberately avoiding the mistake, one day we will be waited by new mistake, more mistake and worst mistake, so there is a good news for type of person who always be persistent by learning something new, the good news what I mean is human being will be given a priceless knowledge when other people don’t have it yet.

We must remember this universe is too large to be learned, we will not know something different from this universe if we keep doing same thing over and over again, we will realize something if we make new mistake, that Almighty GOD’s guarantee method how to teach human being and rescue human being for making worse mistake in the future, here is the important thing; every mistake has limited time to disturb the human being until people realize something missing and the worst mistake will come and approach to the type of people who always avoid mistake and prioritize how to satisfy himself with his perfectionist life.

So we must understand the philosophy of mistake at the first time, we can’t download a mistake when Almighty GOD doesn’t approve it and we can download mistake when Almighty GOD allows us to earn a mistake. so don’t be afraid to make a mistake because it’s part of lovely treatment, mistake is part of message from Almighty GOD to human being, mistake is not part of the punishment and the real punishment is Almighty GOD doesn’t show us how large our mistake in this life, life will give a guarantee when people are willingly to use their time being to learn and improve what they need to improve, the real career in this life is not looking what you want to search, but looking what you haven’t built it yet.