Why we don’t need to please everyone

Today I would like to talk about the reason why we don’t need to please everyone, now I will share good point why we don’t need to please everyone, the first reason why we don’t need to please everybody because everybody is unique, so it's impossible to use our valuable time to please everybody, the reason why we can't please everyone because everybody has different standard in their own mindset, starting from lifestyle, fashion, likeness, agreement, disagreement, memory, skill, capacity level, and so many thing, so if we want to please everyone with our joke or humor, we will plan to fail automatically, everyone has own way how to entertain by his own mood, the second reason why we don’t need to please everyone because everybody has different mood, so human’s mood is having complex mood rather than animal, so emotional feeling is the main role how to accept or reject other human’s joke.

So basically pleasing everyone is not part of life’s journey, but it’s part of people’s misleading purpose, please remember that life needs human’s strategy, life needs human’s creativity, life needs specific goal from the human’s dream, life needs the strong commitment from the human’s nature, the best option how to live happily in this world is stop being joker and start to giving inspiration to everyone, the more you inspire to others, the more good thing you can absorb from unexpected thing, the reason why we need to inspire the inspiration to everyone because life is teaching human being how to keep alive and survive when there are many obstacles or problem in human’s life, inspiration is priceless lesson but it's part of tool how to unlearn the mistake, inspiration also will help human being how to resolve the problem in the future, so inspiration will give another option to human being how to choose the best decision, inspiration will remain forever in human’s memory when we put good thing into other people’s life experience, but it’s not validating to humor.

Pleasing everyone will not give another solution to resolve problem because humor is not part of solution root, but joke is part of how to manipulate human’s depression, maybe someone has absorbed many problem until he doesn’t know how to finish problem, the reason why people must please others because they are used to create joke how to keep everyone giving empathy, people needs empathy, instead empathy will come when there's condolence, the human’s nature is always choosing good thing in order to make them feel happiness better and try to avoid something unknown when it starts to live in their comfort zone, here is the additional lesson; we will always make joke when we stop learning about inspiration, but when you learn more how to be different you, so you don't use your time to make joke all day long, the more risky in life is when we can't make inspiration to others, life will give us more problem until our jokes qualification is no longer helping us how to escape from the problem zone.

Why we keep failing to get promotion

Today I would like to talk about how to recognize reason why we keep failing to get promotion, many people around the world have hope to get promotion in their career, some of them are spending their valuable time by studying how to get new qualification and some of them are spending their valuable time by seeking partner to promote feasibility study, but now we will try to analyze why we keep failing to get what we want?, the first thing we must realize with the law that promotion must equals with hope, here is the rule you need to follow; the power of hope can’t evolve when we don’t know with type of job we associate with and hope can’t evolve when we put our trust to the untrustworthy person, that’s why we keep failing to get promotion.

Please remember that every promotion will come along with you if you keep persistent to do something wondrous or to do something seems impossible to do that, promotion will blast by itself when you have collected the different opportunity and you relearn about life experiences you pick up in your daily routines activity, so sometimes we need to do differently when most people don’t do that, community is also has responsibility to offer the best option you need to follow and you can pick which career is suitable for you, community also has responsibility to keep you failed when you keep hoping to something where it can’t elevate your idea or ideology to grow up.

Promotion can’t be collected when we don’t practice every day, the reason why we must practice every day because practice will invite the miracle to do the impossible thing, that’s natural law. we must accept the law of reality that every promotion is impossible to be achieved by human being, that’s why we need to activate the power of perseverance and the power of miracle to make good design in order to make us keeping doing better and achieve good living.

Please remember that promotion will lift us higher when we can get value from best problem we resolve, not coming from the best career we choose, the reason why I say that because every problem is lesson to be learned by everyone, if we choose good problem only, you can’t make new result in your mindset, but if you choose to rectify the worst problem becomes simple problem, that’s mean the sign of promotion is coming and waiting you in the future.

How to make new life in new day

Today I would like to talk how to make new life in new day, the reason I choose that topic because many people around the world can't differentiate between the past time and future time, most people consider the future will give the same answer as the past time’s answered, so their life got perplexed and they didn’t believe about the hope, if you want to start new life, the first step what you need to do to make new life is you must to be able to let go of past event although you had many good experiences in the past time or many accomplishment, the reason why we need to make new life because life will give new challenge and also life will give more serious problem in the future.

The second step you need to do how to make new life in new day is starting to commit about the plan or target you want to pursue it, before you need to pursue what you really want to do for new life, please beware of what you already created by your own way in the past because you will taste the prophecy’s treatment in the future, the third step you need to do how to make new life in new day is taking new responsibility and start to make new adventure in new place, try to live in there to measure how tough you are during facing new problem, the more time you need to live longer in new place, the more experience you will collect from it, the fourth step you need to do how to make new life is you can start to learn something that make you inspired in every single day, without learning new thing in every single day we will be bored about the past result, please remember that your life standard in the past time can’t guarantee your successful story in the future because time always restrict the human’s qualification, so the previous standard can’t stand forever in the future, so keep learning to other scope is the best option how to prove yourself in every single day.

The fifth step how to make new life in new day is you can create new story where you have not created beforehand, so you can write your life story by making new resources of information for other people’s life resources, sometimes people are waiting new resources in order to improve their career and let other people will value you, please note; the more you serve new resources to other people, the more fortune you increase in your welfare’s future.

How to employ the fear

Today I would like to share about how to employ the fear, the reason why I choose that topic because in positive way, the human’s fear can be used to open up the opportunity to evolve, basically worry and fear are always following the human’s path when human don’t know how to use their capacity level to unlock the curiosity about the purpose of life, please note that the human’s capacity have never grown up by itself, the human's capacity will be decreasing by itself when it will not be implanted with root of commitment, the root of success is always started with smallest action and simple hope.

You can’t become a better person when you don’t know how to employ your weaknesses, no matter how many resources do you have in your surroundings area, if you don’t know how to utilize it, I can call this circumstance that you are storing the weaknesses in your mindset, it would better you are provided with the less resources but you can maximize it for improving your capacity, that’s possibility to grow, when we have succeeded to grow our capacity, the opportunity has never stopped coming to us, but if we don’t how to use the power of fear, our mindset will be haunted with something more hurt and we will live forever in the security area, please remember if you insist to live in the security area because of you are fearfulness, one day you will regret deeply when you are getting old because you didn’t use your resources when you were young.

 As we know that many adult people don’t realize that they were educated by parents how to become clever, qualified, skillful, but in the other hand our parents have never educated their children how to conquer the children's fear, the children are only educated by parent about something formality such as education, learning, take course, attending the social party and associate with friend, fear can grow up faster when we don't make good enough preparation since we are young, please note; fear doesn’t mean to make everyone get lost in the reality, but the purpose of fear is making ensure that human doesn’t act know it all about the future, I remember when I was young, I hadn’t noticed that I was afraid by communicating with women, at that time I didn’t know why I might be afraid at that time, now I realized that the power of fear can be employed to do a good thing when we always prepare the best thing to welcome the life’s tough challenge, life's challenge can be learned by making our own mistake,  but if we don’t know how to employ the power of fear, it will make us not having courage to pursue our goal, fear can be used to measure how far we make a progress in one goal and also fear can be used to diminish our creativity.

How to be the man of value

Today I would like to talk how to be man of value, the reason I choose that topic because in the modern world, many people are competing into each other and they go against other principal until they don’t know how to differentiate between right or wrong, so at this moment I would like to introduce how to be man of value, if you want to know how to be man of value, you have to notice about how much time does cost you? Please remember the man of value is very seldom to be met in the public area because he doesn’t want to prioritize about minority satisfaction, based on the man of value’s advice, he considers time is diamond, he doesn’t feel bad when other people make accusation to him because the man of value is doing beneficial for others people.

To become man of value, someone must sacrifice his time, creativity, reality, mind and space to create the unconditional love to his own masterpiece, if you want to know when you can become man of value, you must start to be altruism and keep good habit within your daily routines, the most important thing in this life is not asking how long you live in your life but how you live with your experience by using your insufficient time.

Here is the feature of the man of value; the first thing what he is doing as the man of value; He is always taking opportunity although he is not ready to learn because he knows that his mistake will teach him how to make better decision a head, no matter how slow his motion, he keeps motivating himself to improve what he needs to improve, the second thing what he is doing as the man of value; he is keeping good behavior and positive thinking although other people starts negative thinking, the third thing what he is doing as the man of value; he is always forgetting the past memories in the past and he keeps learning something because he knows yesterday’s time always leave him, so passion is the key how to realize dream into reality.

The man of value is not afraid about losing his property because he knows property he builds can’t give life guarantee, the man of value doesn’t take problem as new problem because he knows problem is part of maturity process, he considers problem is elevator machine to take him into adventure's long road, please note; the man of value is not chasing success but he knows the only way how to attract his success is making best preparation for the future.

How to make big deal with insecure people

Today I would like to talk about how to make big deal with insecure people, many people consider insecure people will need secure area to protect them from the injustice treatment, but in the reality the insecure people have always consider small problem becomes serious problem and the insecure people are always run away from the responsibility, if we want to make deal with insecure people, we should not interfere what they are doing for the moment because we will get ourselves trapped into new problem
There are several ways how to make deal with insecure people, the first thing we should do is saying “yes” when insecure people start to make accusation to us, sometimes we need to hear the insecure people’s judgment until they can understand the missing piece of their own judgment, the reason why we don’t need to give a good feedback to insecure people because they will put serious problem into us until we feel distress about it, so I guess saying yes to insecure people, means we will not give agreement for our behalf, but we will make them feeling happier by agreeing with their opinion, please note; wherever the insecure people are going to somewhere place, insecure people always can’t adapt quickly with circumstance, including they can’t accept our opinion or can’t accept our gift.

The second thing we should do when we make deal with insecure people is don’t talk too much to them because our talks will become deadly weapon and they use it to manipulate our ideas to make us notice about our small mistake in the past and insecure people will give us a bad reputation, that’s very dangerous thing, so I think keep silent is the best respond to make them feel good, so we don’t need to bother what insecure people doing, temporary treatment we can give to them is staying away from them is good choice, means we should not talk, we should not notice, we should not care what they are doing and so let the problem will cure their habit.

Basically insecure people need the special treatment rather than ourselves, the reason why insecure people need special treatment because they feel punishment is coming from their selfishness, please remember that insecure people always behave indifferent and selfishness, their mindset is considering outsider people is just attacker, insecure people only care about their community and they always consider they are being importance rather than outsider people, they make circle to protect their community and they start to put insecure treatment when outsider people coming, please be patient and keep distance with them because one day they will seek you and they need you badly no matter how far you go away, so the conclusion we can take from this article is insecure people always need secure people.  

How to sell your fortune

Today I would like to talk how to sell your fortune, as we know that many people in this world are competing into each other in order to get their fortune, in psychology says “a fortune can be built when the individual person is working hard for his creativity”, that’s mean we can’t rely fortune from other people’s hard working result, in the reality world fortune will not appear when we focus on other people’s fortune because every fortune is part of GOD’s plan, we can’t control fortune and we can't ask fortune to move from one side to another side by accidental, so fortune knows better than our capability level, so there is no excuse to doubt where fortune comes and goes, that’s not part of human's responsibility.

Fortune will go away from us when we can’t sell our commitment into publicity, so fortune is like money’s characteristic, money is attracted with hard working man and money is not attracted with desperate man, the reason why money is attracted with hard working man because He is the collector of fortune, so fortune is attracted with hard working man and fortune will go away from type of human being who can’t use the power of fortune, fortune can torture and betray us when we can’t utilize it for other people's necessity.

The first thing you must do how to sell your fortune is lighting the passion within you and create the unique of yourself by making creativity to other people and enhance your vision to improve about the self-commitment, the commitment can be transferred into product when we feel be passionate by doing the right thing, the second thing you can do how to sell your fortune is don’t work for money at the first journey but you can start to work hard to your masterpiece, if you work for money, then you feel insecure because we force ourselves to think about money, but if you focus on your masterpiece, unwittingly your fortune will work for money, please note; you can start to make money when your money has become your leverage, the reason why we are not allowed to work for money because money is non biology creature, it can’t make our creativity is growing, money is facilitator when it is used to serve for human’s satisfaction. In addition, we can’t sell our fortune by becoming yesterday’s person because fortune is always picking up the best thing from our daily’s best preparation, so fortune is not part of sign success but it’s representing from our best preparation result, so we should not wait the fortune because fortune is not part of success and also mysterious, fortune can’t be waited at any time because fortune is not part of human’s responsibility

How to know our idea becomes nothing

Today I would like to talk about how to know great idea becomes nothing, the reason I choose that topic because many people like us don’t believe with the reality and start to believe with short term promises from the insecure people, we must realize that our great idea can’t be employed when we don’t stay committed with it or when we don’t flourish it with our strong reason, idea is started beginning from the human’s ideology, we must know about the simple rule “idea will turn into question when we don’t activate the power of idea and idea will turn into inspiration when you activate the power of idea” that’s mean idea is attracted to grow when we stay together with it, idea likes the human being, idea needs food to survive, idea needs exploring, idea needs improving, idea needs rest when it’s exhausted, idea always need more time to devote.

So we need to learn about the character of idea at the first time, we can’t let idea is standing alone or we let it grows naturally, idea needs more time to evolve, idea is like seed, we need to implant the idea into passion, if we want to see the idea will work maximally, we have to train our mindset by facing new problem, idea will be turned off when we prioritize the feeling of satisfaction, idea can’t come out by itself, so please be careful when you want to prioritize the satisfaction because it will exterminate the power of idea.

Idea can’t work alone, it needs the power of happiness to shape an idea, the reason why we need the power of happiness because idea is part of composition into the happiness zone, in the baseline, creativity is also coming from happiness zone, no matter how difficult problem you may see it, as long as you have conquered your weakness by the power of happiness, the difficult problem turns into priceless lesson, there are many ways how to make idea become stronger and more efficiency, it depends on our happiness level.

Idea gives birth the negativity or it gives birth the positive, idea can shape negativity when we activate the emotional intelligent to make careless decision during we let the emergency occurs, idea can shape positive when idea is being used to set long term goal, so idealism of success can be built when we plan our idea to make the determination, please remember; without determination’s existence, our idea will be diminished and day by day our idea is also perished, so we need to sharpen our faith to improve power of determination, so that our idea will be rebirth in this life.

How to make simple idea naturally

Today I would like to talk about how to make simple idea naturally, idea is like light, it will illuminate the surrounding area, the reason I choose that topic because many of us are losing hope until we don’t know how to create an idea, in fact idea has potential to protect human’s personality from circumstance’s bad treatment and also idea has potential to change the human’s destiny, simple idea can be created when people behold the possibility of improvement, behold the other person's potential who may become our partner, behold critical condition from other people’s mistake which may become our reference to create an idea and help them out.

Idea is not taking a lot of time if you follow the rule to refill your barrel, now I would share several rules you need to follow; the rule no. 1 is don’t take any excuse when you want to change something better within yourself, I know change takes everything you need to sacrifice, but when you don’t make any excuse, in that moment you had passed the test how to finish the primary goal because you keep persistent to get the momentum of your goal, the second rule you need to follow is take as much as responsibility from any circumstance you are facing with, don’t just flee away from the momentum of life where it wants to welcome you with the number of inspiration, life will give you mission when you are taking a lot of responsibility.

The third rule you need to follow idea is taking the risk and forget about the possibility of failure, the reason why I ask you to forget about the possibility of failure because that’s not our responsibility, but the responsibility we must take is keep learning about what we don’t know about something mystery, spend your time by collecting experience, so you will not object anymore about success and failure, please remember; success and failure are part of life game, it’s not part of human’s responsibility; so don’t put your focus on the success and failure’s words, be thinker like champion, the mindset of champion is practice every day, you can start to build your craft when you are still around, that’s all.
grow your fortune by flourishing with your idea

Sometimes we are being put into corner in order let us thinking deeply how to win, sometimes this life is dragging our mind to focus on the minor thing and it keeps us away from revelation, sometimes our dream is locked into our procrastination habit, that’s life game, please note; life doesn’t want to succeed until you are not attracted at all, but life will give you a guarantee when you invest your fortune into knowledge in every single day, that’s idealism of life’s rule.

How to employ miracle

Today I would like to talk about how to employ miracle, the reason I share about this because as human being we don’t need to push our limit until we don’t have other option how to make new strategy, but now we will talk about how to think different how to recognize about miracle, as we know that miracle is not coming automatically but when we can the power of miracle, we should not work as hard as we could, but we can employ miracle to work with us as partnership, now the only thing we can do how to employ miracle is improve ourselves, starting with attitude, habit, mindset, and vision, that's prerequisite.

We can’t become better person when we stop learning, the principle of miracle is always working limitless, tireless, boundless and unstoppable, so the miracle will not happen when we are inability to see about our worth, that’s our lifetime’s job, no matter how slow your motion, but when you keep learning in any condition, that’s mean you have activated the power of miracle within yourself, now we try to observe how tough people working at company for many years, they always work for money and behave like robotic system, 9 AM- 5 PM hours they have spent, in the end journey they still consider they work for the best solution, but neither miracle do, in fact the miracle will not show up when people are pushing their limitation.

If you want to keep miracle alive and stand side by side with you, you only need to stop focusing on the short term goal and create the long term goal for 5 – 10 years you are going to do in 5 years ahead, if you have created that plan, be devoted with your plan, stay commitment and being adventurer, please remember; miracle will work for you when you can blast your fearfulness and turn it into unlimited power.

Miracle is always supporting when people forget about their laziness, stop focusing on busy daily week and start to focus on the primary goal in life, no matter how hard we start with it, miracle will not stop, in other way miracle will stop working when people are sleepwalking in their life, that’s mean people are not working naturally because they always get upset when they can’t work punctually and people who always neglect the possibility of miracle due to they push their limitation. Please don’t be panic about your limitation, you still can do what you have become and you still can pursue your dream when you pull the power of imagination and use the power of attraction to do your masterpiece, don’t focus on your limitation but focus on the possibility of opposition, miracle works the opposite of your limitation, when you can’t finish, let miracle will guide you how to rule your masterpiece and become expert.

What to do when you worry so much

Today I would like to talk about what we’re going to do if we worry so much about something we can’t control, as we know that worry is part of sign of uncertain habit, worry is represented by unproductive habit and lack of knowledge will make us worry about something, if we are doing something for satisfaction means we are repeating unproductive habit and unproductive habit has potential to create worrying, the only thing we can do when we are worrying something is stop waiting something uncertain and stop hoping to something that it will not support us, I am sure this idea will minimize our feeling of worry if we keep doing it, sometimes we need to push our limit to leave the uncertain thing in order to pick up certainty thing such as making self-commitment and discipline.

Please note; we will not get something big piece if we are busy to pick up small piece of chance, we can’t escape from that feeling because we just handle small job and ignore the possibility of your big career in vision, once again in positive meaning; feeling of worry will support us if we keep persistent to leave unproductive habit and start to create something big such as pursuing true ambition or dream, dream will become sacrifice if we don’t have courage to pursue the dream, dream will work for you if you keep faithfully while you are building your creation, we will not get good feedback if we are not sharing our opinion to others, creation will not come to us if we are not accepting feedback to our dream, dream is like mirror, the opposition of your hard working is promotion, discipline is the only way how to draw the power of vision to embody our dream into reality.

There is no growth when we always give our time to feeling of worry, the power of willingness is going to answer our worry when we reach the primary goal, worrying will haunt our mindset when we are not preparing the best thing that we should finished it, worrying is looking for type of person who always waste their time by doing the unproductive thing, the best option how to minimize the feeling of worry is doing more productive when we are still young, don’t wait when we are getting older because our age is keep adding and time being doesn’t want to compromise whether we are ready or not, problem will not transform into worry when we focus how to keep searching solution.

In this life we can’t avoid mistake, but we can avoid the unproductive habit, so basically unproductive habit is the major problem which can invite the biggest mistake we have never known before, so be careful about it because worrying is caused by the repeated unproductive habit we created long time ago.

How can I treat anxiety naturally?

Today I would like to talk about how to treat anxiety naturally, as we know that anxiety is always appearing when we don’t have enough courage while we are going to make certainty decision, anxiety is always approaching to us when we are not ready yet to accept the risk whether the risk's content is smaller or bigger, please remember; problem is not as matter as much when we are willingly to learn it without making complaint, problem becomes our teacher when we agree to learn it although we need more time to resolve that problem, problem becomes our disaster when we consider problem as enemy.

Problem is not teaching us to collect anxiety, indeed problem is making us stronger than any other group of people whom accepting the same problem, problem knows who the person will deserve problem and problem will come closer to type of person who is not having courage to resolve problem, just like feeling of anxiety; anxiety is becoming bigger when we are pretending to lower our experience level, no matter how strong our mentality today, we will never get ready to receive big picture of tomorrow because we are trained to know nothing about tomorrow, so if we want to make anxiety is stepping out of our private matter, we need to treat anxiety like the wind, the natural science; we will not get touched hardly with wind as long as we are considering we are just hit by wind naturally.
anxiety must be balanced with other people's happiness

 No matter how strong your problem when it is coming to your convenience zone, if you used to resolve small problem in your daily routine, you will not get hit hardly with strong problem, the reason why we keep calm such thing because we are considering problem is naturally like the wind, please note; if we resist the wind’s power, we can't get lesson from it, why? Because we consider every difficulty mixes with the risk, in fact every difficulty will draw the power of opportunity, so when we resist or neglect problem, we will learn nothing and our mentality level is decreasing automatically because we don’t want to accept lesson from this life.

Feeling of anxiety will not get up in the real life as long as we are busy to prepare the best thing for next moment or dream, the purpose of anxiety is not making us done something wrong in the next chance but it always give us a chance to improve what we need to improve, from now we must learn why we must get anxiety or we will be drowned by our unnatural feeling, if you are feeling uncomfortable during facing problem, it doesn’t mean you are not lack of experience, but you are used to do something similar in your standard.

How do I stop worrying so much?

Today I would like to talk about how do I stop worrying so much, this kind of habit where it is showing up when people are losing their decisiveness and also people often disagree about their own decision, worrying is sign of uncertainty, someone who has feeling of uncertainty, by that means he usually spends his valuable time to store up the miscellaneous of problem from the unknown miscellaneous cause, worrying is not part of progress.

As long as the number of worrying is increasing, at that time the number of sadness will be appearing as well, to prevent sadness showing up, we need to plan something useful to reduce the target that making him worried, worry is caused by lack of resourcefulness and lack of vision, worrying can’t be deleted or can’t be ignored as long as someone doesn’t have eagerness to pursue his courage, and feeling of worry is usually getting worse if someone ignores any kind of lesson from any other problem he meet with, the first key how to reduce worrying is stay focusing on the short term target that you can achieve in every single day and maximize the resources you can collect such writing note, listening the mentor you have picked up, and joining with good community.

The second key how to stop worrying all the time is you are keeping away from the source of worrying, such as turning off your cellphone for temporary, starting to stop watching the news at television which may disturb your concentration, starting to set the primary goal you really want to pursue, as long as the dream will increase your talent, please keep it up with knowledge you have earned, uses all of resources maximally until dream will pick up the best career you need, please remember; many resources don’t give many guarantees to improve the career, the only thing we can do how to get a guarantee from the resources is we are making progress in our valuable time,  no matter how slowly our motion and slowly our creativity, you’re still stepping ahead of any other person whom isn’t trying.

 Worrying is going to stop automatically when you are having the trusted information within your mindset and you have many renewable resources when you are not always around with it, please remember; when people are pretending to be proud of their past accomplishment, that’s mean he is starting to dim the light of hope and finally he will stop trying, the light of hope will be dimmed when we always worry  about something in the future, even it will happen in several hours later, worrying is not always bringing new solution, but worrying is going to welcome the unknown problem which may get you hurt so badly, as long as we believe with our target, the miracle will work for you without being asked about the responsibility.

What’s overthinking disorder?

Today I would like to talk about what’s overthinking disorder, overthinking has same purpose with overcautious, overcautious is sign of unhappiness, so basically there’s no beneficial if we just think about the thing without planning, so that we will not get good thing from the result, overthinking is kind of activity where it offers about recession, the only thing we can achieve during overthinking is waiting for nothing, that’s mean overthinking will increase the number of your sadness and you can't move on another route, if you keep persistent with it, we can't get a larger possibilities from the object we think about, sometimes we need to let go of some portion of our capacity in order to increase the mentality power to control our passion and creativity, some people say that keep thinking will create the fabulous idea but in the end result, we will lose the momentum of fabulous idea because idea is not coming from overthinking but it’s coming from the biggest mistake we already created through our experience in career.

Overthinking will not create the best option for us, but overthinking will create the feeling of anxiety and open up the possibility of depression, please remember the great thing will not happen in one time but it’s happening in several steps where it has different point between one to another, overthinking will not represent the great thing, but it’s part of mentality disorder, if we get condition such thing, the only thing we can do is keep calm to whatever situation and let put our focus on the great thing we want to do and stay devoted by doing the right thing.

Now I will share the main cause why people is overthinking? There are three things which may influence people to get overthinking; the first cause is people are not setting the asset allocation for the long term goal, their focus limit has been trained to make a short term goal, the second cause is people are pushing their limitation until they can’t differentiate between loyal or get punishment in their working style, the third cause is people are dominating to think negatively about something they can’t control, in addition they don’t believe with promise they have made by themselves.

So basically we can’t allow our limitation to do the something over limit, if we insist to keep overcautious about the thing we can’t control, it will diminish our priority target and we will lose the momentum of opportunity, if we want to minimize the overthinking cause, we need to reset our target and try to segregate between the liability and obligation, the easy thing can become difficult when we procrastinate the easy thing and the difficult thing can become easy when we commit to finish it, there’s no impossible thing as long as we don’t lose hope, no matter how long we wait for it, the sign of commitment is your victory is very imminent, please stay faithfully when you are doing the right thing and don’t let your enemies know about what you’re doing the great thing.