Emptiness is sign of full answer

Today I would like to talk about how to contemplate about the meaning of emptiness, emptiness doesn’t mean we are not doing anything better and stay grounded at the same level, but emptiness means we no longer need our knowledge and also we no longer need our past experience to change everything we have in this life, we just  need to leave our past and start to become new guy who is willingly to deepen the insatiable curiosity to welcome the opportunity, not everyone has insatiable curiosity because they always keep storing the feeling of pride in the past time as if they no longer need higher standard in the future, please note; keeping bad attitude will imprison the human’s mindset until human can’t be better person for everlasting.

The first thing we should prepare when we want to taste the emptiness mode is keep behavior like a good student, good student is always writing note or listening carefully because he knows he knows nothing, the reason why we must behave like a good student because opportunity only welcome person who always feel emptiness such as always feel young or feel lack of experience, in my opinion having student’s characteristic is prerequisite how to receive new opportunity from the new resources, person who always feels fullness, he tends to ignore good news and neglect unexpected miracle, please remember; miracle can’t work together with us if we keep fullness characteristic within our personality, we can’t become a better person when we just act like know it all, the opportunity knows who is type of person who is willingly to learn a new thing or with type of person who is not seriously by learning new thing.

Sometimes emptiness mode can educate person to learn biggest mistakes from his past experience, new thing can’t become new thing when someone is not willingly to prepare best thing in his valuable time, furthermore opportunity doesn’t want to welcome the type of people who always feel retired during living in this world, to get longevity we are not allowed to give up or retired by doing the right thing because life will always ask our responsibility as long as we are still alive, so my suggestion is don’t let us feel fullness because we will be trapped by our bad attitude and we will not get second opportunity like we got the first one, life doesn’t want to repeat same lesson to someone who always feel fullness because fullness mode can’t be refilled with new larger opportunity.

Before we receive opportunity in the future, we would better to ensure the information we receive can be trustworthy, the reason why we must ensure the trusted information because most influence failure we obtain in this life are mostly coming from the contents of all information, please be selective listener before our information will be trusted by others.