How can I treat anxiety naturally?

Today I would like to talk about how to treat anxiety naturally, as we know that anxiety is always appearing when we don’t have enough courage while we are going to make certainty decision, anxiety is always approaching to us when we are not ready yet to accept the risk whether the risk's content is smaller or bigger, please remember; problem is not as matter as much when we are willingly to learn it without making complaint, problem becomes our teacher when we agree to learn it although we need more time to resolve that problem, problem becomes our disaster when we consider problem as enemy.

Problem is not teaching us to collect anxiety, indeed problem is making us stronger than any other group of people whom accepting the same problem, problem knows who the person will deserve problem and problem will come closer to type of person who is not having courage to resolve problem, just like feeling of anxiety; anxiety is becoming bigger when we are pretending to lower our experience level, no matter how strong our mentality today, we will never get ready to receive big picture of tomorrow because we are trained to know nothing about tomorrow, so if we want to make anxiety is stepping out of our private matter, we need to treat anxiety like the wind, the natural science; we will not get touched hardly with wind as long as we are considering we are just hit by wind naturally.
anxiety must be balanced with other people's happiness

 No matter how strong your problem when it is coming to your convenience zone, if you used to resolve small problem in your daily routine, you will not get hit hardly with strong problem, the reason why we keep calm such thing because we are considering problem is naturally like the wind, please note; if we resist the wind’s power, we can't get lesson from it, why? Because we consider every difficulty mixes with the risk, in fact every difficulty will draw the power of opportunity, so when we resist or neglect problem, we will learn nothing and our mentality level is decreasing automatically because we don’t want to accept lesson from this life.

Feeling of anxiety will not get up in the real life as long as we are busy to prepare the best thing for next moment or dream, the purpose of anxiety is not making us done something wrong in the next chance but it always give us a chance to improve what we need to improve, from now we must learn why we must get anxiety or we will be drowned by our unnatural feeling, if you are feeling uncomfortable during facing problem, it doesn’t mean you are not lack of experience, but you are used to do something similar in your standard.