How do I stop worrying so much?

Today I would like to talk about how do I stop worrying so much, this kind of habit where it is showing up when people are losing their decisiveness and also people often disagree about their own decision, worrying is sign of uncertainty, someone who has feeling of uncertainty, by that means he usually spends his valuable time to store up the miscellaneous of problem from the unknown miscellaneous cause, worrying is not part of progress.

As long as the number of worrying is increasing, at that time the number of sadness will be appearing as well, to prevent sadness showing up, we need to plan something useful to reduce the target that making him worried, worry is caused by lack of resourcefulness and lack of vision, worrying can’t be deleted or can’t be ignored as long as someone doesn’t have eagerness to pursue his courage, and feeling of worry is usually getting worse if someone ignores any kind of lesson from any other problem he meet with, the first key how to reduce worrying is stay focusing on the short term target that you can achieve in every single day and maximize the resources you can collect such writing note, listening the mentor you have picked up, and joining with good community.

The second key how to stop worrying all the time is you are keeping away from the source of worrying, such as turning off your cellphone for temporary, starting to stop watching the news at television which may disturb your concentration, starting to set the primary goal you really want to pursue, as long as the dream will increase your talent, please keep it up with knowledge you have earned, uses all of resources maximally until dream will pick up the best career you need, please remember; many resources don’t give many guarantees to improve the career, the only thing we can do how to get a guarantee from the resources is we are making progress in our valuable time,  no matter how slowly our motion and slowly our creativity, you’re still stepping ahead of any other person whom isn’t trying.

 Worrying is going to stop automatically when you are having the trusted information within your mindset and you have many renewable resources when you are not always around with it, please remember; when people are pretending to be proud of their past accomplishment, that’s mean he is starting to dim the light of hope and finally he will stop trying, the light of hope will be dimmed when we always worry  about something in the future, even it will happen in several hours later, worrying is not always bringing new solution, but worrying is going to welcome the unknown problem which may get you hurt so badly, as long as we believe with our target, the miracle will work for you without being asked about the responsibility.