How to create the unstoppable action

Today I would like to talk about how to create the unstoppable action, the first thing we should prepare is habit and make valid and strong reason, the second thing is we must beware of strong reason we already made it in the past because reason we make can immobilize our dream with that reason automatically if we don't stay committed with reason, it can build bad personality in order to blockade our maturity to grow up, reason will provide new information to make us learned something and it will guide us how do we need to do at the next process, valid and strong reason can immobilize our laziness and can immobilize fake promise to ourselves.

If we see in the reality life, many people are working for money, the most favorite reason they make is they are working hard by reasoning to fulfill the daily needs, in my opinion, that people’s inability to see opportunity, if we want to do new thing in new day such unstoppable action, we need to create self-punishment reason, for example; I will not stepped out of this room before i finish what I already started before, another example; I will not buy a expensive stuff before I invest my money to the company, the more you punish yourself with reason, the more you discipline to finish what you love.

Many things we can build everything in this life as long as we stay committed and ignore the unexpected excuse, we can start to make better idea by resolving new problem from other people, the more you create better idea, the more opportunity you create to make dream alive in the reality, here is the important thing, the unstoppable action has same meaning with discipline, if you can discipline your mind and body to work, you can become captain of your laziness and one day you will no longer need to fight your laziness if you stay committed, the reason I say because everybody prefer to dwell with his major laziness rather than growing together with dream, dream needs flourishing, not needing plan only, the reason why people prefer to dwell with his major laziness because people who just rely on the short term goal, they don’t believe with long term goal, or we can say they don’t believe with hope.

Please remember, hope is always motivating people who always appreciate about time and hope is always waiting people who are willingly to become studious while waiting something great in the future, so they don’t have time to complain, they don’t have time to excuse with small reason because they know future is second chance and present is first chance, I would remind you hope is always happening in far future, not happening in the near future, so when people lose their hope, they deliberately lose their dream and lose their bright future by their short decision. 

So if you want to keep insisting to grab new opportunity, please don’t ever try to procrastinate your major masterpiece by doing minor masterpiece, if we don’t believe about hope, life will erase our creativity and erase our struggling result, habit is the key to realize between goal and reality, start from now we must start to improve our personality by observing the life circumstance or we will die by our personality.