How to employ the fear

Today I would like to share about how to employ the fear, the reason why I choose that topic because in positive way, the human’s fear can be used to open up the opportunity to evolve, basically worry and fear are always following the human’s path when human don’t know how to use their capacity level to unlock the curiosity about the purpose of life, please note that the human’s capacity have never grown up by itself, the human's capacity will be decreasing by itself when it will not be implanted with root of commitment, the root of success is always started with smallest action and simple hope.

You can’t become a better person when you don’t know how to employ your weaknesses, no matter how many resources do you have in your surroundings area, if you don’t know how to utilize it, I can call this circumstance that you are storing the weaknesses in your mindset, it would better you are provided with the less resources but you can maximize it for improving your capacity, that’s possibility to grow, when we have succeeded to grow our capacity, the opportunity has never stopped coming to us, but if we don’t how to use the power of fear, our mindset will be haunted with something more hurt and we will live forever in the security area, please remember if you insist to live in the security area because of you are fearfulness, one day you will regret deeply when you are getting old because you didn’t use your resources when you were young.

 As we know that many adult people don’t realize that they were educated by parents how to become clever, qualified, skillful, but in the other hand our parents have never educated their children how to conquer the children's fear, the children are only educated by parent about something formality such as education, learning, take course, attending the social party and associate with friend, fear can grow up faster when we don't make good enough preparation since we are young, please note; fear doesn’t mean to make everyone get lost in the reality, but the purpose of fear is making ensure that human doesn’t act know it all about the future, I remember when I was young, I hadn’t noticed that I was afraid by communicating with women, at that time I didn’t know why I might be afraid at that time, now I realized that the power of fear can be employed to do a good thing when we always prepare the best thing to welcome the life’s tough challenge, life's challenge can be learned by making our own mistake,  but if we don’t know how to employ the power of fear, it will make us not having courage to pursue our goal, fear can be used to measure how far we make a progress in one goal and also fear can be used to diminish our creativity.