How to employ miracle

Today I would like to talk about how to employ miracle, the reason I share about this because as human being we don’t need to push our limit until we don’t have other option how to make new strategy, but now we will talk about how to think different how to recognize about miracle, as we know that miracle is not coming automatically but when we can the power of miracle, we should not work as hard as we could, but we can employ miracle to work with us as partnership, now the only thing we can do how to employ miracle is improve ourselves, starting with attitude, habit, mindset, and vision, that's prerequisite.

We can’t become better person when we stop learning, the principle of miracle is always working limitless, tireless, boundless and unstoppable, so the miracle will not happen when we are inability to see about our worth, that’s our lifetime’s job, no matter how slow your motion, but when you keep learning in any condition, that’s mean you have activated the power of miracle within yourself, now we try to observe how tough people working at company for many years, they always work for money and behave like robotic system, 9 AM- 5 PM hours they have spent, in the end journey they still consider they work for the best solution, but neither miracle do, in fact the miracle will not show up when people are pushing their limitation.

If you want to keep miracle alive and stand side by side with you, you only need to stop focusing on the short term goal and create the long term goal for 5 – 10 years you are going to do in 5 years ahead, if you have created that plan, be devoted with your plan, stay commitment and being adventurer, please remember; miracle will work for you when you can blast your fearfulness and turn it into unlimited power.

Miracle is always supporting when people forget about their laziness, stop focusing on busy daily week and start to focus on the primary goal in life, no matter how hard we start with it, miracle will not stop, in other way miracle will stop working when people are sleepwalking in their life, that’s mean people are not working naturally because they always get upset when they can’t work punctually and people who always neglect the possibility of miracle due to they push their limitation. Please don’t be panic about your limitation, you still can do what you have become and you still can pursue your dream when you pull the power of imagination and use the power of attraction to do your masterpiece, don’t focus on your limitation but focus on the possibility of opposition, miracle works the opposite of your limitation, when you can’t finish, let miracle will guide you how to rule your masterpiece and become expert.