How to know our idea becomes nothing

Today I would like to talk about how to know great idea becomes nothing, the reason I choose that topic because many people like us don’t believe with the reality and start to believe with short term promises from the insecure people, we must realize that our great idea can’t be employed when we don’t stay committed with it or when we don’t flourish it with our strong reason, idea is started beginning from the human’s ideology, we must know about the simple rule “idea will turn into question when we don’t activate the power of idea and idea will turn into inspiration when you activate the power of idea” that’s mean idea is attracted to grow when we stay together with it, idea likes the human being, idea needs food to survive, idea needs exploring, idea needs improving, idea needs rest when it’s exhausted, idea always need more time to devote.

So we need to learn about the character of idea at the first time, we can’t let idea is standing alone or we let it grows naturally, idea needs more time to evolve, idea is like seed, we need to implant the idea into passion, if we want to see the idea will work maximally, we have to train our mindset by facing new problem, idea will be turned off when we prioritize the feeling of satisfaction, idea can’t come out by itself, so please be careful when you want to prioritize the satisfaction because it will exterminate the power of idea.

Idea can’t work alone, it needs the power of happiness to shape an idea, the reason why we need the power of happiness because idea is part of composition into the happiness zone, in the baseline, creativity is also coming from happiness zone, no matter how difficult problem you may see it, as long as you have conquered your weakness by the power of happiness, the difficult problem turns into priceless lesson, there are many ways how to make idea become stronger and more efficiency, it depends on our happiness level.

Idea gives birth the negativity or it gives birth the positive, idea can shape negativity when we activate the emotional intelligent to make careless decision during we let the emergency occurs, idea can shape positive when idea is being used to set long term goal, so idealism of success can be built when we plan our idea to make the determination, please remember; without determination’s existence, our idea will be diminished and day by day our idea is also perished, so we need to sharpen our faith to improve power of determination, so that our idea will be rebirth in this life.


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