How to make Better question

Today I would like to talk about how to make better question, the reason I choose that topic because i observe many people are stuck in their career because they just look for what best solution they should know from the resourceful people, not trying to make qualified question to draw a better answer from the resourceful people, the key to open new mindset is coming from the question maker, the more you rectify your question, the more good question you can pick up from it.

 The ancestor says if a new mindset has been sharpened with new question in every single day, the better answer will break our old mindset and produce new idea to answer the qualified question from anybody else,  basically it doesn’t matter you can’t answer all question from other people right now because maybe your current qualification doesn’t match with current circumstance, if you meet that condition, don’t blame circumstance but start to blame your question to you, because all problem are getting bigger size because we make negative question and put it into our mindset and emotional feeling.

 please take a note; every problem equals with teaching, so it’s doesn’t aim to hurt or kill the human's character, but problem will educate someone to push our limited mindset and design a better future by making better question, as logically when someone got problem, that mean he are lack of training, if we understand about the reason why almighty GOD sends his messenger to give us problem, the answer is we are not qualified and we are under training, so we will not receive the same problem if we pass the test and the same problem is allowed to come continually if we run away from the problem, that’s life system.

 if we want to change our life, we must train ourselves how to make better question, we can start from making a simple question; why do I need to evolve? Why do I have a responsibility for making time? Please remember the more you create a better question, the more you get wise from your problem and you will become sage, if you don’t know about who you are or if you don’t recognize about your potential, that's worse condition because you will lose automatically about the opportunity you face.

 Before you make better question, you need to study from your past and start to make data record about your progress, the purpose to make data record is to empower your passion and your perseverance to grow together,  the more different question you give to different people,the more you will get valuable lesson from different people, the more you get many resources from answers, the more you avoid doubt and behave mediocrity, please remember; new opportunity will lies to your best preparation automatically when you are always making time to prepare.