How to make big deal with insecure people

Today I would like to talk about how to make big deal with insecure people, many people consider insecure people will need secure area to protect them from the injustice treatment, but in the reality the insecure people have always consider small problem becomes serious problem and the insecure people are always run away from the responsibility, if we want to make deal with insecure people, we should not interfere what they are doing for the moment because we will get ourselves trapped into new problem
There are several ways how to make deal with insecure people, the first thing we should do is saying “yes” when insecure people start to make accusation to us, sometimes we need to hear the insecure people’s judgment until they can understand the missing piece of their own judgment, the reason why we don’t need to give a good feedback to insecure people because they will put serious problem into us until we feel distress about it, so I guess saying yes to insecure people, means we will not give agreement for our behalf, but we will make them feeling happier by agreeing with their opinion, please note; wherever the insecure people are going to somewhere place, insecure people always can’t adapt quickly with circumstance, including they can’t accept our opinion or can’t accept our gift.

The second thing we should do when we make deal with insecure people is don’t talk too much to them because our talks will become deadly weapon and they use it to manipulate our ideas to make us notice about our small mistake in the past and insecure people will give us a bad reputation, that’s very dangerous thing, so I think keep silent is the best respond to make them feel good, so we don’t need to bother what insecure people doing, temporary treatment we can give to them is staying away from them is good choice, means we should not talk, we should not notice, we should not care what they are doing and so let the problem will cure their habit.

Basically insecure people need the special treatment rather than ourselves, the reason why insecure people need special treatment because they feel punishment is coming from their selfishness, please remember that insecure people always behave indifferent and selfishness, their mindset is considering outsider people is just attacker, insecure people only care about their community and they always consider they are being importance rather than outsider people, they make circle to protect their community and they start to put insecure treatment when outsider people coming, please be patient and keep distance with them because one day they will seek you and they need you badly no matter how far you go away, so the conclusion we can take from this article is insecure people always need secure people.