How to make pain as teacher

Today I would like to talk about how to make pain as teacher, the reason I choose that topic because I want to widen your gaze regarding the function of pain, pain can become glorious and wondrous thing if we know how to handle and how to promote pain as teacher, basically we all human being have ever tasted pain, pain in this life is inevitable, we can’t escape from it because that’s life’s system and life will teach us how to stay away from suffering,  suffering abides in our life because we insist to create it, suffering is not coming by suddenly, but it’s part of the human’s plan where it had been implanted long time in the human’s mindset, pain usually hurts human's memories when they keep the behavior in the same standard and they are not willingly to improve.

Pain is not created to make people feeling anxiety, worry or depression, but pain can be utilized to help human being to change their destiny for everlasting, the key how to make pain as teacher is appreciate about time, people who tend to forget about the past event and start to learn something today,they unwittingly use power of pain to relieve the worse injury, the creation of pain is discipline and if we succeed to create discipline to ourselves, that’s mean we already change pain into incredible power, the incredible power will change everything we see, we hear and we feel from our disability when we keep persistent to grow our dream, if we don't chase our dream, pain will burn our dream and we start suffering.

 Pain will cooperate with us when we know how to maximize the potential energy within us, and the potential energy usually wakes up when we have strong passion during leaving comfort zone and bad experience in the past, sometimes we don’t realize pain will give new power to increase our capacity when we set the target, pain is not bringing bad memory as long as we say to ourselves “forget the past, what I did in the past, I am new guy today and I need to learn again, relearn again until I no longer need to employ pain”.

Most people think when someone has a lot of pain, he will get involved with depression and inject acute stress level, but in fact pain will teach him something better about failure and pain is giving us alert to prevent us doing something bad in the future, pain will create new hope when we can utilize our emotional feeling to control pain, please remember there’s no one can control our pain although many people push us to finish the daily target, pain will work maximal when we get happiness during making our own masterpiece, pain can turn into power when we activate it, pain is like remote control machine, it will work for us when we have target and pain will turn into suffering when we let it turned off, power of pain can create happiness when we always make progress at specific area we want to improve.