How to make simple idea naturally

Today I would like to talk about how to make simple idea naturally, idea is like light, it will illuminate the surrounding area, the reason I choose that topic because many of us are losing hope until we don’t know how to create an idea, in fact idea has potential to protect human’s personality from circumstance’s bad treatment and also idea has potential to change the human’s destiny, simple idea can be created when people behold the possibility of improvement, behold the other person's potential who may become our partner, behold critical condition from other people’s mistake which may become our reference to create an idea and help them out.

Idea is not taking a lot of time if you follow the rule to refill your barrel, now I would share several rules you need to follow; the rule no. 1 is don’t take any excuse when you want to change something better within yourself, I know change takes everything you need to sacrifice, but when you don’t make any excuse, in that moment you had passed the test how to finish the primary goal because you keep persistent to get the momentum of your goal, the second rule you need to follow is take as much as responsibility from any circumstance you are facing with, don’t just flee away from the momentum of life where it wants to welcome you with the number of inspiration, life will give you mission when you are taking a lot of responsibility.

The third rule you need to follow idea is taking the risk and forget about the possibility of failure, the reason why I ask you to forget about the possibility of failure because that’s not our responsibility, but the responsibility we must take is keep learning about what we don’t know about something mystery, spend your time by collecting experience, so you will not object anymore about success and failure, please remember; success and failure are part of life game, it’s not part of human’s responsibility; so don’t put your focus on the success and failure’s words, be thinker like champion, the mindset of champion is practice every day, you can start to build your craft when you are still around, that’s all.
grow your fortune by flourishing with your idea

Sometimes we are being put into corner in order let us thinking deeply how to win, sometimes this life is dragging our mind to focus on the minor thing and it keeps us away from revelation, sometimes our dream is locked into our procrastination habit, that’s life game, please note; life doesn’t want to succeed until you are not attracted at all, but life will give you a guarantee when you invest your fortune into knowledge in every single day, that’s idealism of life’s rule.


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