How to sell your fortune

Today I would like to talk how to sell your fortune, as we know that many people in this world are competing into each other in order to get their fortune, in psychology says “a fortune can be built when the individual person is working hard for his creativity”, that’s mean we can’t rely fortune from other people’s hard working result, in the reality world fortune will not appear when we focus on other people’s fortune because every fortune is part of GOD’s plan, we can’t control fortune and we can't ask fortune to move from one side to another side by accidental, so fortune knows better than our capability level, so there is no excuse to doubt where fortune comes and goes, that’s not part of human's responsibility.

Fortune will go away from us when we can’t sell our commitment into publicity, so fortune is like money’s characteristic, money is attracted with hard working man and money is not attracted with desperate man, the reason why money is attracted with hard working man because He is the collector of fortune, so fortune is attracted with hard working man and fortune will go away from type of human being who can’t use the power of fortune, fortune can torture and betray us when we can’t utilize it for other people's necessity.

The first thing you must do how to sell your fortune is lighting the passion within you and create the unique of yourself by making creativity to other people and enhance your vision to improve about the self-commitment, the commitment can be transferred into product when we feel be passionate by doing the right thing, the second thing you can do how to sell your fortune is don’t work for money at the first journey but you can start to work hard to your masterpiece, if you work for money, then you feel insecure because we force ourselves to think about money, but if you focus on your masterpiece, unwittingly your fortune will work for money, please note; you can start to make money when your money has become your leverage, the reason why we are not allowed to work for money because money is non biology creature, it can’t make our creativity is growing, money is facilitator when it is used to serve for human’s satisfaction. In addition, we can’t sell our fortune by becoming yesterday’s person because fortune is always picking up the best thing from our daily’s best preparation, so fortune is not part of sign success but it’s representing from our best preparation result, so we should not wait the fortune because fortune is not part of success and also mysterious, fortune can’t be waited at any time because fortune is not part of human’s responsibility