How to welcome opportunity

Today I would like to talk about how to welcome opportunity, the reason I choose that topic because many people admit they can’t catch the opportunity although they see, they hear and they feel about opportunity, what’s problem in there? In my opinion, opportunity doesn’t matter as much, the main problem is people mindset are rejecting the existence of opportunity because they think tomorrow time is not having much significant like yesterday’s event, beside that people think the probability of getting opportunity is not much, so they give up in the short term.

The first thing we should prepare how to welcome opportunity is create vision between your past time and your present time, then we need to record your practice day by day until year by year, this method is used to differentiate between type of people who are looking for secure job and people who are looking for the financial freedom, if we want to welcome opportunity, we need to search trusted information we have never known before, the reason why we must do this because the biggest career is located to the unknown area where it offers unlimited opportunity, without searching new thing, it’s definitely there is no key how to interpret about revelation, so that’s part of purpose of life, if we stop searching new thing, we will never be recruited by almighty GOD to finish the wondrous job, when we meet opportunity, we will meet difficult thing in that area.

Please remember; opportunity always dwell side by side with risk ,whether you like it or not, in fact we can’t make better life without opportunity, that’s rule we need to follow, don’t easy to judge something new because we don’t have authorization to uncover the secret of new thing, sometimes our data in our brain needs to be burned with new thing in order to accept different thing although we don’t like it, that's  sign of opportunity gets inside, opportunity doesn’t  motivate our passion, but it always helps us how to create our commitment in the long period.
Opportunity is like grabbing a light

 Don’t easy to lose hope because your commitment will be wiped by your comfort zone, opportunity can grow like a tree if we fertilize it with consistently doing the right thing, it doesn’t matter whether you can’t understand about new resources you receive right now, but when you have prepared the best thing such knowledge and good experience, the opportunity will welcome you without any hesitance.