Let the pain makes you a motivator

Today I would like to talk how to make a pain as motivation, I have heard that most people disagree about pain’s existence, as we know that most people consider pain is always making circumstance became terrible, but now I would like to widen our gaze regarding pain’s function, in the body’s immune system, pain is used to indicate there’s something wrong in the human’s body, pain is used to be indicator, if there is no indicator, our nerves system will not work maximum,  so pain has great job in our body to keep human's body away from the injury or worst disease, pain will work automatically when there's signal from the attacker, in positive thinking ways, pain can become discipline and it helps human being to make creativity

Please remember; without discipline there’s no significant progress and also there’s no available hope, so at this point we shouldn’t let power of pain to recruit us to do something dangerous or doing something irrelevant with our dream, if we want to implement pain as motivation, the first thing we should prepare how to make pain as motivation is improve our last personality until we become deserved people, by that it means we must prepare something great before we received the unexpected reward, the second thing we should prepare is being studious person as long as we live in this world, the reason why we must possess a studious person’s characteristic because collecting new experience is part of good way how to make pain as elevator in our  next standard of living.

Please note; every pain can’t be bought by property, money or human’s material wealthy, but pain is very useful if human know how to use it for self-evaluation, if human keep insisting to use pain as motivation, human will find the abundance of blessing wherever they go to anywhere place and also they will be looked by the opportunity instantly, if human being have never evaluated about what they already done in the past, they will go into despair for longer time and also they can’t get escape from their darkness for everlasting, the darkness’s word I mean is miserable and unproductive mistake.

 Please remember that every pain can transform into disaster if we treat other people with bad treatment, pain doesn’t always end up with bad thing and pain doesn’t always bring bad influence, if you know the power of contemplating, all power come from the pain, all we need to do is creating pain killer until we will no longer need bad people to judge us, we will never get good experience if we neglect pain, so my opinion about pain is “don’t easy to make judgment about pain before you know exactly why pain must come to you”, here is the hidden message from the pain; every pain has power to create new opportunity to welcome difficulty and opportunity can change difficulty to become composition of idea, without adhering difficulty, human will stay away from opportunity, in addition, there is good news; pain is used to restore the human’s impotent passion and change it to become a promotion and also pain can become the exceeding expectation.