The incredible gift

Today I would like to talk about how to understand the incredible gift, maybe you will think the incredible gift is concerned with material wealthy, it’s totally wrong, this incredible a gift can’t be represented or being changed with material wealth, the gift contains responsibility, in order to get the incredible gift, someone must dedicate doing the right thing to as many as other human being, that's preliminary inquiry,  the first step to obtain the incredible gift, someone must sacrifice his time being to serve great thing, flourish the masterpiece everyday, someone must be happy by doing the right thing even though he hasn’t been paid well in short term.

The incredible gift can’t be bought by some billion dollars, or it can’t be exchanged with material wealthy, the incredible gift is divided into 3 things, the first gift is super imagination whether it can access human’s living experience, the second gift is commitment and dedication, the third gift is good philosophy, as we know “power is nothing without control, passion is nothing without creation”, so based on the simple sentence means, we can learn something from our mistake before we will be granted with the incredible gift which the way had been prepared by Almighty GOD long time ago, the incredible gift will be arriving to type of person who is willingly to fulfill 3 things as prerequisite.

The reason why wondrous job can’t be represented by disarray people because the incredible gift has authorization to choose the right people who can be dependable and be dedicated person, the small job is used for training small people only and great person is doing the long term target where it brings good impact to all people around the world, the purpose of incredible gift is ensuring human being will not bring destruction and bring peace to all creatures on earth,

People who have no good vision or people who have no right mission in their life, they will never meet with the incredible gift, the reason why they don’t get the incredible gift because they are not having courage and willingness to devote with a dream, if we compare with reality life, many people prefer to lose their dream rather than losing job because they just rely on the limited resources, not exploring the unlimited resources for long term plan, in addition if people keep doing that habit, Almighty GOD will not open up the unlimited wealthplease remember; small dream will change your destiny although you are not qualified at this moment, don’t ever underestimate with small dream, if we keep persistent to leave small dream, we will become a job slavery for entire life because we always miss out the opportunity, sometimes we often to ignore the right thing rather than ignore a mistake,that's part of big mistake, here is the unique from the incredible gift, Almighty GOD prepares the incredible gifts to empower the human’s skill, mentality and creativity, so the Almighty GOD's plan will be realistic in real life, besides that Almighty GOD often educates human being with critical problem in order to educate human being how to get stronger and how to use pain as ideology to create prosperous for everlasting.