What to do when you worry so much

Today I would like to talk about what we’re going to do if we worry so much about something we can’t control, as we know that worry is part of sign of uncertain habit, worry is represented by unproductive habit and lack of knowledge will make us worry about something, if we are doing something for satisfaction means we are repeating unproductive habit and unproductive habit has potential to create worrying, the only thing we can do when we are worrying something is stop waiting something uncertain and stop hoping to something that it will not support us, I am sure this idea will minimize our feeling of worry if we keep doing it, sometimes we need to push our limit to leave the uncertain thing in order to pick up certainty thing such as making self-commitment and discipline.

Please note; we will not get something big piece if we are busy to pick up small piece of chance, we can’t escape from that feeling because we just handle small job and ignore the possibility of your big career in vision, once again in positive meaning; feeling of worry will support us if we keep persistent to leave unproductive habit and start to create something big such as pursuing true ambition or dream, dream will become sacrifice if we don’t have courage to pursue the dream, dream will work for you if you keep faithfully while you are building your creation, we will not get good feedback if we are not sharing our opinion to others, creation will not come to us if we are not accepting feedback to our dream, dream is like mirror, the opposition of your hard working is promotion, discipline is the only way how to draw the power of vision to embody our dream into reality.

There is no growth when we always give our time to feeling of worry, the power of willingness is going to answer our worry when we reach the primary goal, worrying will haunt our mindset when we are not preparing the best thing that we should finished it, worrying is looking for type of person who always waste their time by doing the unproductive thing, the best option how to minimize the feeling of worry is doing more productive when we are still young, don’t wait when we are getting older because our age is keep adding and time being doesn’t want to compromise whether we are ready or not, problem will not transform into worry when we focus how to keep searching solution.

In this life we can’t avoid mistake, but we can avoid the unproductive habit, so basically unproductive habit is the major problem which can invite the biggest mistake we have never known before, so be careful about it because worrying is caused by the repeated unproductive habit we created long time ago.