What’s overthinking disorder?

Today I would like to talk about what’s overthinking disorder, overthinking has same purpose with overcautious, overcautious is sign of unhappiness, so basically there’s no beneficial if we just think about the thing without planning, so that we will not get good thing from the result, overthinking is kind of activity where it offers about recession, the only thing we can achieve during overthinking is waiting for nothing, that’s mean overthinking will increase the number of your sadness and you can't move on another route, if you keep persistent with it, we can't get a larger possibilities from the object we think about, sometimes we need to let go of some portion of our capacity in order to increase the mentality power to control our passion and creativity, some people say that keep thinking will create the fabulous idea but in the end result, we will lose the momentum of fabulous idea because idea is not coming from overthinking but it’s coming from the biggest mistake we already created through our experience in career.

Overthinking will not create the best option for us, but overthinking will create the feeling of anxiety and open up the possibility of depression, please remember the great thing will not happen in one time but it’s happening in several steps where it has different point between one to another, overthinking will not represent the great thing, but it’s part of mentality disorder, if we get condition such thing, the only thing we can do is keep calm to whatever situation and let put our focus on the great thing we want to do and stay devoted by doing the right thing.

Now I will share the main cause why people is overthinking? There are three things which may influence people to get overthinking; the first cause is people are not setting the asset allocation for the long term goal, their focus limit has been trained to make a short term goal, the second cause is people are pushing their limitation until they can’t differentiate between loyal or get punishment in their working style, the third cause is people are dominating to think negatively about something they can’t control, in addition they don’t believe with promise they have made by themselves.

So basically we can’t allow our limitation to do the something over limit, if we insist to keep overcautious about the thing we can’t control, it will diminish our priority target and we will lose the momentum of opportunity, if we want to minimize the overthinking cause, we need to reset our target and try to segregate between the liability and obligation, the easy thing can become difficult when we procrastinate the easy thing and the difficult thing can become easy when we commit to finish it, there’s no impossible thing as long as we don’t lose hope, no matter how long we wait for it, the sign of commitment is your victory is very imminent, please stay faithfully when you are doing the right thing and don’t let your enemies know about what you’re doing the great thing.