Why we don’t need to please everyone

Today I would like to talk about the reason why we don’t need to please everyone, now I will share good point why we don’t need to please everyone, the first reason why we don’t need to please everybody because everybody is unique, so it's impossible to use our valuable time to please everybody, the reason why we can't please everyone because everybody has different standard in their own mindset, starting from lifestyle, fashion, likeness, agreement, disagreement, memory, skill, capacity level, and so many thing, so if we want to please everyone with our joke or humor, we will plan to fail automatically, everyone has own way how to entertain by his own mood, the second reason why we don’t need to please everyone because everybody has different mood, so human’s mood is having complex mood rather than animal, so emotional feeling is the main role how to accept or reject other human’s joke.

So basically pleasing everyone is not part of life’s journey, but it’s part of people’s misleading purpose, please remember that life needs human’s strategy, life needs human’s creativity, life needs specific goal from the human’s dream, life needs the strong commitment from the human’s nature, the best option how to live happily in this world is stop being joker and start to giving inspiration to everyone, the more you inspire to others, the more good thing you can absorb from unexpected thing, the reason why we need to inspire the inspiration to everyone because life is teaching human being how to keep alive and survive when there are many obstacles or problem in human’s life, inspiration is priceless lesson but it's part of tool how to unlearn the mistake, inspiration also will help human being how to resolve the problem in the future, so inspiration will give another option to human being how to choose the best decision, inspiration will remain forever in human’s memory when we put good thing into other people’s life experience, but it’s not validating to humor.

Pleasing everyone will not give another solution to resolve problem because humor is not part of solution root, but joke is part of how to manipulate human’s depression, maybe someone has absorbed many problem until he doesn’t know how to finish problem, the reason why people must please others because they are used to create joke how to keep everyone giving empathy, people needs empathy, instead empathy will come when there's condolence, the human’s nature is always choosing good thing in order to make them feel happiness better and try to avoid something unknown when it starts to live in their comfort zone, here is the additional lesson; we will always make joke when we stop learning about inspiration, but when you learn more how to be different you, so you don't use your time to make joke all day long, the more risky in life is when we can't make inspiration to others, life will give us more problem until our jokes qualification is no longer helping us how to escape from the problem zone.