Why we keep failing to get promotion

Today I would like to talk about how to recognize reason why we keep failing to get promotion, many people around the world have hope to get promotion in their career, some of them are spending their valuable time by studying how to get new qualification and some of them are spending their valuable time by seeking partner to promote feasibility study, but now we will try to analyze why we keep failing to get what we want?, the first thing we must realize with the law that promotion must equals with hope, here is the rule you need to follow; the power of hope can’t evolve when we don’t know with type of job we associate with and hope can’t evolve when we put our trust to the untrustworthy person, that’s why we keep failing to get promotion.

Please remember that every promotion will come along with you if you keep persistent to do something wondrous or to do something seems impossible to do that, promotion will blast by itself when you have collected the different opportunity and you relearn about life experiences you pick up in your daily routines activity, so sometimes we need to do differently when most people don’t do that, community is also has responsibility to offer the best option you need to follow and you can pick which career is suitable for you, community also has responsibility to keep you failed when you keep hoping to something where it can’t elevate your idea or ideology to grow up.

Promotion can’t be collected when we don’t practice every day, the reason why we must practice every day because practice will invite the miracle to do the impossible thing, that’s natural law. we must accept the law of reality that every promotion is impossible to be achieved by human being, that’s why we need to activate the power of perseverance and the power of miracle to make good design in order to make us keeping doing better and achieve good living.

Please remember that promotion will lift us higher when we can get value from best problem we resolve, not coming from the best career we choose, the reason why I say that because every problem is lesson to be learned by everyone, if we choose good problem only, you can’t make new result in your mindset, but if you choose to rectify the worst problem becomes simple problem, that’s mean the sign of promotion is coming and waiting you in the future.


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