How do you motivate yourself?

the positive words will give you power to motivate yourself
      Today I would like to talk about how do you motivate yourself? This question seems too often to be heard in new age, but now we are going to elucidate the meaning of motivation, the motivation is like the reason which is ensuring people is doing right, the purpose of motivation is influencing people to do something like hard work or make big effort because of chasing the target, every people has a motive why they keep doing, but some of them don’t know how to maintain the feeling of motivation, so now I will let you know why people need motivation.

          The first reason why people need motivation because they think motivation can give spark of passion and ignite the power of focus, the second reason why people need motivation because motivation can remind the good memory which was happening in the past, the third reason why people need motivation because they realize as human being, they tend to forget about the detailed target and they need motivation to refresh their past memory and bring it back from the past to present, the fourth reason why people need motivation because they admit they are proud to be lazybones, so they hope motivation will give people revelation, the fifth reason why people need motivation because they are feeling so awkward and difficult to find the truthfulness about themselves.

          Among five of reason, the purpose of motivation is not to encourage you but push you harder until you will no longer need pushing yourself, but you just need to pull your dream and you build a fortune, I am sure if you are having eagerness to find your own reason, motivation will find you and follow you wherever you go, please remember; motivation doesn’t transform to become big reward or small return, motivation is just self-teacher whether it will give you another option to keep you get up once you feel bad about injustice in your career.

          If you ask yourself how to motivate yourself, you can talk with positive word to yourself in front of mirror “I love myself, I am successful person, I am masterpiece of almighty GOD”, please remember; don’t ever try to give negative word to yourself because your mentality power is going to decrease and your one day is fully with the negative word, so don’t be pessimistic because there is always second chance to improve what you have now and you will be given a chance to unlearn about your mistake, as result you will be motivated by the grace of almighty GOD, if you don’t trust about yourself, who else will convince you to face tomorrow?, now if you want life will give you positive mindset, you can train your mind how to delegate the positive words and grow it as if you were not seeing your negativity.

How to motivate yourself when you say I can’t

Today I would like to talk about how to motivate yourself when you say “I can’t”, the reason why I choose that topic because most people forget how to chin up or motivate themselves when they meet with insurmountable problem, please get up on the wrong principle and now you must keep searching something meaningful in your life, you can’t just apply your words “I can’t”, you can’t be a good when you say such thing, please note; negative word will never meet with positive word, so when you say I can’t, by that it means you trust with negative word and you hope negative words will do something for you and give you good service, oh no, you can’t just simply do that.

If you want to keep your career to be meaningful, you are not allowed to say “I can’t do that because I am not getting a luck”, it’s totally wrong, please remember that every human being feels lucky, no one has no luck, every time you move to the new place, you are not staying at wrong place, every move you make, every opportunity or luck will grab your effort, although you are making mistake, but in the reality you are making progress in life’s count, so you just need to adapt yourself by facing the insurmountable thing and find something that making you inspired from it.

The simplest thing how to motivate yourself is sharing your experience to the closest family member and expose your advantages to other people without hoping a return from them, if you keep doing that habit, I believe the miracle and fortune will work for you and they will not let you going down, so when you are feeling down or you are being disappointed with something wrong, you must note that every obstacle which is created by Al mighty God, it is not intended to crush you down, but it will upgrade your mentality, your vitality and your ingenuity.

There is only thing you can do how to keep yourself motivated is keeping good habit and create something that making you enlightened about it, if you don’t trust about yourself, you can’t make good thing out of your weaknesses and you will live forever in your ignorant, some people may say motivational words is crap and it comes and goes easily, but you must remember that all good experiences of life come from the wise words and the wise words was born from the good attitudes.

How to live together with impossible thing

Today I would like to talk about how to live with impossible thing, the reason why I choose that topic because most people prefer to live together with possible thing and they can’t bear to turn the impossible thing into possible thing, we must take a note that possible thing has limitation, meanwhile the impossible thing has no limitation, please remember; if we just focus on the possible thing in our life, we are going to crush our life because every possible thing has limitation and one day the limitation will end immediately, if it doesn’t happen at now or later, by that it means this life is going to evolve to larger capacity and leave our living standard, please note; our living standard will be no longer valid as long as we don’t try to keep improving on our resourcefulness, if we don’t change our psychology soon, we will not get good lesson from our past experience and we can’t make progress to fulfill our long term target because we only depend and make hope on limitation area.

Most people are considering living with impossible thing will bring depression, suffering, anxiety and always regret, but it’s totally wrong, meanwhile the impossible thing in this life will offer the unlimited wealth, the reason why people don’t want to live with impossible thing because people consider the best experience of life is doing what they love to do in the past, in my opinion, most people magnify the feeling of satisfaction in the past and they don’t want to try how to upgrade their career level, please remember; happiness doesn’t appear when there is no progress at all, it’s not important how long we live on this earth if we can’t get happiness at once, the reason why most people don’t get happiness because they just trust to the possible thing and ignore the impossible thing to happen.

 The impossible thing is created by Almighty GOD in order to invite miracle to come to this world and help human being to change everything may seem unpredictable or uncontrolled, basically if there is no man who wants to live together with impossible thing, so they will never meet with hope and miracle, there is another reason why human can't meet with hope and miracle because the power of hope only lives when people believe about the truthfulness, so my advice to you is don’t reject the reality, don’t accept mediocre as your latest capacity, don’t stop to make a hope, everything impossible will turn into possible thing when you keep going and keep persistent to do right thing.

How to maximize the power of focus

Today I would like to how to maximize the power of focus, the reason why I choose that topic because power of focus is the ultimate human resources, the power of focus is very important to decide the best option, we can lose power of focus when we don't activate the power of dream, without power of focus we will make something worse because we lose our self-control and we lose the value oriented, there are some points I want to share how to maximize the power of focus and how to use it properly, in this section, I would like to put the power of focus between the urgency matter and non-urgency matter.

The first thing we must know that the power of focus can’t work maximal when there’s no urgency matter within, the more you push yourself to gain the power of focus to the minor thing, you will lose its value, the minor thing means something will not make you inspired to do that, but when you pull your dream to the major thing, power of focus will work maximal and it's multiplying, the major thing means long term plan, basically there are many ways how to make the power of focus work maximal:
1.     There is self-punishment by making own target or schedule
2.     There is self-reward / benefit after you finish the target
3.     Discipline
4.     Having strong desire to achieve it
5.     Having mentoring program
6.     Forgetting about the past momentum
7.     Minimizing many goals and being expert in that scope

The power of focus also can work maximally when we are doing something consistently by attaching the feeling of urgency, by that it means, the power of focus will work harder when we have discipline to finish short term target in long term process, so the power of focus can grow faster when we don’t agonize about something we love to do that, at this moment we need to attract the power of focus by providing the daily project in order to sharpen the power of focus,

Besides that the power of focus will be paralyzing when we don’t have the power of hope, the reason why we need to attain the power of hope because hope will create the gigantic momentum, furthermore the power of hope can predict what you will become in the long term goal period because the power of hope can change the circumstance from the impossible thing to possible thing, if you want to get the massive power of focus, so you need to train yourself by accomplishing own project in order to measure how strong our focus and measure how long we will survive by activating the power of focus. when we succeed to stay focus on the one goal, the remaining our energy will not be needed anymore, please note; the power of focus will not work properly when you don’t really want to finish what you are targetting, without having eagerness within us, there’s no power of focus.

How to recognize the massive effort in your career

          Today I would like to talk about how to make massive effort in your career, the reason I choose that topic because I observe many people are too worry about the career’s progress, although they built the career year by year, but in the middle of journey, their career doesn’t produce a big impact in the future, so they think there must be something wrong with the previous effort, now I would like to elucidate the main cause why people’s career don’t make big impact.

The first thing why the massive effort don’t appear in the people’s career because they don’t make productive mistake in big scale, and they focus on making repeated mistake on the small scale, by that it means people don’t maximize self-potential assessment in one goal and they are not trying to focus how to serve something bigger to as many as people, the second thing why the massive effort don’t appear in the people career because they have many goals but it’s never been settled down, don’t try to control as many as goal, but try to control your available time how to make your goal is growing up, one day your massive result is going to tell you that it’s time for you that you serve something bigger than your limitation.

The third thing why the massive effort don’t appear in people’s career because people start to doubt when they start to finish, by that it means people are just showing what they can do to other people, but in the end result, people don’t try to serve better and they procrastinate the important thing what they can improve, so in the end of the day, people deliberately ruin their career in short time, please remember; once people don’t start how to maximize self-assessment in every single day, the desire of dream will lose it’s value,
Here is the clue how to recognize about the evidence that your massive effort is going to work for you and you are no longer needed to work hard again:
1.   Every time you try to prove yourselves by other people, you will get many rejection from your expectation, once you are getting rejected by the last outcome, your resourcefulness is going to start to evolve and you will get the meaningful advice within your subconscious mind, it’s telling you that you are not part of manufacturing but you are masterpiece maker.
2.   Every time you build the massive effort; you will get the abundance of idea and idea is becoming your assistant and it will help you how to choose the wise decision and give you the next clue how to make a move.
3.     Every time your career is going to fail, your massive effort will give you the unwavering support and your emotional intelligence will give you a surprise energy, meaning once you are feeling down about the last result, the massive effort will invite the miracle and it will give you a good mood until you are not going to give up entirely, once you are not giving up hope, your massive effort will turn into the fabulous career.

How to avoid being a victim of life

Today I would like to talk about how to avoid becoming a victim of life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are treating themselves with unsavory treatment such as paying the bill, buying something they don’t really need it so much, expend the money for luxurious thing, they never try to keep the money safe, they prefer to enjoy the majority trending in the new era rather than considering how to regenerate the ability to welcome tomorrow, that's main cause educating us to become a victim, many of us are trying to take journey with large risk because they think taking risk is good option, but they instead to making the life path is slippery.

Please remember the main cause which is causing us to become a victim of life is neglecting the reality and cursing the future’s time by digging the experience’s momentum in the past, the more you dig something in the past, the more hurt you will ingest, the more you let the past go away, the less number of suffering you will get,, sometimes almighty GOD will let you down in order to make you realized about the power of decision.

The power of decision says we can’t become a better person when we just ask for help, and we can become a better person when we are not trying to burden other people’s task and start to ask ourselves how much responsibility we can bear from now, please note; people are becoming a victim of life because they don’t want to accept the life’s education, they don’t learn about the critical question such as why we must inject a pain, why we don’t make revolution, why we must stay poor in the new era, when we can create our own path, etc.

So don’t accept the mediocre when you deserve to collect the excellent gift, the gift will be opened when you are curious about it, that's prerequisite and here are the three gifts that making you concern about life:
1.     The power of imagination
2.     The power of giving
3.     The power of curiosity
       When you activate three of them above in your routine activity, you are no longer becoming a victim of life, and it will inspire you how to become an adventurous, so there’s no impossible thing as long as we make a hope and build a door, the reason why we need to build a door because we will let the opportunity will knock our door, once the door is opened by opportunity, the miracle will work for you and it will facilitate a new promotion.

How to train ourselves to become resilient people

Today I would like to talk about how to train ourselves to become resilient people, the reason why I choose that topic because I observe many people have problem about their personality, averagely most people are easily getting down when they have made a friend, now we analyze a bit about it, the problem is not coming from their social bonds but the root cause is coming from our indecisive habit when we are trying to choose friend, the resilient people tend to find type of people who can give the enlightenment to themselves, sometimes during living in social community, we can’t differentiate between true friend or toxic friend because we are expecting too much to their benefits.

 Please remember; when we are trying to train ourselves to be resilient people, we will be met with injustice circumstance, so within that moment we will get the new lesson how to regain from the injustice treatment, before that we need to observe the important thing from the injustice treatment, the injustice is always treating people who don't have power of attraction, the requirement how to become resilient people are having a wisdom and freedom, every single day you must accustom yourself by doing something that make you inspired a lot, it doesn’t matter whether you feel disappointed or not about what you really did in the past, your happiness is always entangling with inspiration in the future, your pain is going to be meaningless than you thought.

The more you get inspired, the more idea will come to you, the more you feel insecure, the more suffering will come to you, every person has ever tasted about the unpleasant thing within their career, but most of them tend to give up to the reality because they don’t know how to regain from something that’s making them feel unpleasant, there are some points we need to do how to train our mindset to become resilient person,
1.     Doing a meaningful job until you get an idea in every single day
2.     Keep searching the information that’s making you learned a lot until you find the way how to improve your current mistake.
3.    Change your focus to solution, not focus on the problem.
4.     Stay away from the insecure people and seek the person that making you feel inspired a lot.
5.   Don’t put your happiness to the people who don’t want to appreciate you, then you start to build happiness to yourself and share your outcome of happiness to as many as people.
6.  Don’t start something when you don’t want to finish, and don’t finish when you haven’t started to learn from something.

How to become a good sample to others

Today I would like to share how to become good sample to other, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are trying to stay away from kindness habit and some of them are busy to make judgment for others, so basically there’s no need to push our judgment to be accepted by other people around us, when we are busy to make judgment to others, we don’t have to access our future because we are only busy with people’s time, so there’s none other thing how to make us becoming a good sample when we just become a critic maker, sometimes we need to criticize our mindset first before we make judgment to others.

The first thing we can do how to become a good sample to others is defining about your purpose first in this life, if you have good concern about how to take care about other people’s business, you will get partnership guarantee from what you have done in the future, that’s key how to access new future, you may have opinion to disagree with me, but let’s see how future will speak to you, sometimes we need to invest something benefit in our future's time like a reputation, trust, rely and integrity.

To become a good sample to other people around us, sometimes we need to discipline about ourselves, you can look at based on the successful people’s true story, they almost have same standard namely discipline, I will give you the concrete sample, please look at the skyscrapers in your city, how can it will stand firmly for long time period if there’s no strong discipline within the material itself, so basically there’s nothing meaningful in ourselves when we can’t discipline to ourselves, so there’s no excuse when we aren’t willingly to try, if we wouldn't follow the value based on what’s successful people’s good habit, we can’t reshape our personality.

So we can’t become a good sample to others when we just sit and listen what other people saying to us, being a good sample to others can be started when we succeed to clear our mindset from the pollutant, all pollutant are coming from the toxic people, unsupported community and our fixed standard, the reason why I say such thing because there are many people are becoming a victim of life and they consider the bad thing is always happening to themselves for everlasting life, they never hope a good way how to reshape the life, I give you the additional note; all good thing will never happen when we don’t stop unproductive habit and all bad thing will happen when we keep persistent to keep it.

The difference between mediocre and great leader

Today I would like to talk about how to know difference between mediocre and great leader, as we know that mediocre is type of habit which it is telling to human being how to stay longer with current standard, so no wonder why they keep failing in the same problem, whereas great leader is  having abundance of ambition to escape from the current standard, they neglect to be mediocre because mediocre habit doesn't bring opportunity, basically great leader and mediocre are having same ideology, but they have different focus, great leader stays focus on by doing more whereas mediocre person stays focus on doing less, here the additional note you need to remember, there’s no man in the world who wants to be mediocre but all failure have been accumulated by the mediocre habit, so there’s no need to surprise why mediocre people don’t get what they really want because they maintain the mediocre habit.

The difference between mediocre and great leader can be recognized when we know how they utilize the resources, if we give the resources to the mediocre person, he will never feel enough to use the resources because he lacks of resourcefulness, so in the end he still doesn’t know how to use the resources because he intends to be ignorant person, no matter how many resources he will accept it, there’s no significant result from it, the mediocre person doesn’t need progress, he tends to wish the instant result rather than being studious person, whereas  the great leader admits he is lack of knowledge but he is willingly to pay the price by pursuing something great like get passion to help others, improve self-personality, resolve the big problem, improve knowledge, have definite purpose that he wants to become.

Great leader can do something when other people don’t want to do, great leader considers problem is not problem, but great leader considers problem will fix the worse thing, he keeps maintaining until he can change the worst problem to become easier one, although great leader is uncertain to accomplish the target in short term plan, but he can manage his emotional pressure to respect the long term process, whereas the mediocre doesn’t want to do anything better, so every single day the mediocre person treats himself like a victim, the mediocre person can’t interpret the opportunity because he can’t interpret the meaning of opportunity, the mediocre person doesn’t want to look for risk, and he intends to look for the security treatment, so no wonder the mediocre person always meets the same problem because he doesn’t want to pass the test.

Great leader likes to make long term plan because he knows the mission he created in the past will bring benefit to others in the future, great leader doesn’t feel bad when he doesn’t get benefit from it because great leader knows life circumstance will sacrifice his valuable time to make big difference to his masterpiece, great leader always thinks about the next generation, he hopes the next generation will continue his footstep, so every day great leader uses his resourcefulness to promote his idea to teach himself and be good sample to others.

How to escape from mediocre

Today I would like to talk about how to escape from mediocre, the reason why I choose that topic because we as human being reject if we are being told as mediocre person, so that’s why in this moment I would like to elaborate something different how to escape from mediocre, actually there’s no man in the world want to be mediocre person, but in the reality why most people intend to teach themselves how to be mediocre? Because they don’t believe with the change, people reject the change and people hate the change, three reasons are enough to make people to be mediocre, we must realize that we have ultimate resources like; faith, courage, ingenuity, vitality and creativity, all are tools which can be used to escape from mediocrity.

Please remember that the main cause why people are being called mediocre not because of weaknesses or not because of the human’s limitation but lack of use of resourcefulness causes loss of everything, our value will decrease automatically when our inability to see our worth in the reality, we must agree that human’s creativity will be declined by itself when it’s unused, the human’s ingenuity will be diminished by itself when it’s unused, the reason why human's resources are weakened when it's unused because the effect of law of time, namely mortal, so the key how to find power to unlock the human’s potential is using the law of attraction, by that it means we need to accept the rejection and willing to accept failure, the reason why I suggest you to accept the rejection because every rejection will give the affirmation that you are more valuable rather than something that rejects you, and there’s no failure as long as we keep trying, so there is only progress, the most failure person is when we are trying to give up entirely.

Life doesn’t stop giving opportunity to human being because life knows human being don’t understand about life system, so the key to escape from mediocre is find your power of curiosity and start doing something better in one day to another days, we will not know how much time we need to teach ourselves get better, we just need time to make a freedom in failure, if we don’t want to be told as mediocre person, we need to accept the reality and have strong willingness to accept the new change, a new change doesn’t give a guarantee to human but a least new change will lead human being how to unlock their power of subconscious mind, there is no stupidity person in the world, there’s only ignorant person, they choose to become the ignorant because they don’t want to take larger responsibility, so when people don’t start to do that, as result they teach themselves to plan mediocre for everlasting.

Why difficult follows opportunity

Today I would like to talk about how to comprehend the statement why difficult always follows opportunity, the reason why I choose that topic because almost 100 % people don’t like about difficult and some of them choose to avoid the difficulty points because they agree that difficult stops their triumph, now if we put our mindset on it, where we can put our logical thinking on it? The answer is depending on your mission, if you think difficult can be paid by your curiosity, so dig the information as much as you can, maybe you will think “difficult is part of impossible thing”, my answer is absolutely yes and I nod about it, but there is something missing behind on it, namely difficult mixed with opportunity and GOD's plan, so the only way how to interpret difficult is igniting the power of hope because hope is the best part of human’s last shelter.

          Don’t ever underestimate the power of hope because it will sweep your doubt and also it will help you to resolve difficulty thing, if you think there’s something difficult because your mindset tells you every day to ignore or neglect the reality, so if you are treated like thing, please tell to yourself “don’t just accept the reality because you will become the life’s victim but let reality will accept you because you are prophesying your own destiny, my point of thinking about difficult is “No matter how hard you play the game of life, if you play the game with happiness, you let difficult is going to lose because you defeat your own mediocre.

          Opportunity is not our responsibility, but having opportunity is the way how to know the door of resourcefulness, so if you consider difficult will end naturally, you need to hack your mindset to accept the difficulty thing as the stepping stone, not considering it as failure, if you meet this question “why difficult needs to present in the human’s peacefully heart” because life is keep changing, keep moving and keep evolving to the greatest thing, if we don’t take training or we don’t taste the difficult, life will take responsibility of human’s mediocre to Almighty GOD.

          There is no joke when we meet with the difficult thing, sometimes difficult is being made by Almighty GOD in order to know how many attempt will be need by human being to survive, in the end result, Almighty GOD will not let human to suffer and die, but human being choose to treat themselves to make difficult more difficult, the main cause why human behave such thing because human extinguish the power of hope and they learn to desperate, so difficult is not intending to make human to be desperate, but difficult offers human opportunity to evolve and get benefit from the mediocre

There is no one will act for many

Today I would like to talk about the purpose, the reason why I choose that topic because most people are very confident to do something great but they can’t fulfill it, as we know that everyone in the world has own purpose, they spend a lot of time to work hard in order to get what they really want, the problem is why most people still can’t accomplish their purpose? The answer is because they act for many, what I mean is they just hope their expectation but doing less, that’s common mistake where people often to do it every single day, if you want to pursue what is your purpose, you need to beware of what you will become.

 You need to choose what kind of emotional character will support you, please try to live side by side with emotional intelligence such as happiness, persistent and commitment, if you want life understands you, you need to obey the rules what universe tells you, such as keep orientated with your goal and keep focusing on the right process, both suggestion will fulfill your philosophy, now the question is: why they never accomplish the purpose for single life? Because most people want for many and they don’t want to make accomplish for the one, that’s why they fail suddenly in their career, please remember, when you just do for many, you plan to fail, so the most important thing is don’t easily get satisfaction when you made little accomplishment in the past time because the big reward always demands you to keep doing on the right thing in every day.

Based on my point of view above, you can check your daily routine activity whether you have been doing for many or you are doing for the one, I wouldn’t say you don’t make a wish in your life, but I give you another point of view in order to make you realized something true and avoid the unnecessary mistake, in the reality of life; we will never make accomplishment when we break the power of focus for the many, so that our limitation, so my advice to you is you should choose which field area you want to improve and you can let go of something that you can’t control, so if you engage the new mindset like that, you will prioritize the best thing that you can make it and your potential will grow up rapidly because you act for the one. Life is giving tool to teach us how to survive, the tool that life is giving you; the power of mentality, ingenuity and the power of hope where they should belong to you