How do you motivate yourself?

the positive words will give you power to motivate yourself
      Today I would like to talk about how do you motivate yourself? This question seems too often to be heard in new age, but now we are going to elucidate the meaning of motivation, the motivation is like the reason which is ensuring people is doing right, the purpose of motivation is influencing people to do something like hard work or make big effort because of chasing the target, every people has a motive why they keep doing, but some of them don’t know how to maintain the feeling of motivation, so now I will let you know why people need motivation.

          The first reason why people need motivation because they think motivation can give spark of passion and ignite the power of focus, the second reason why people need motivation because motivation can remind the good memory which was happening in the past, the third reason why people need motivation because they realize as human being, they tend to forget about the detailed target and they need motivation to refresh their past memory and bring it back from the past to present, the fourth reason why people need motivation because they admit they are proud to be lazybones, so they hope motivation will give people revelation, the fifth reason why people need motivation because they are feeling so awkward and difficult to find the truthfulness about themselves.

          Among five of reason, the purpose of motivation is not to encourage you but push you harder until you will no longer need pushing yourself, but you just need to pull your dream and you build a fortune, I am sure if you are having eagerness to find your own reason, motivation will find you and follow you wherever you go, please remember; motivation doesn’t transform to become big reward or small return, motivation is just self-teacher whether it will give you another option to keep you get up once you feel bad about injustice in your career.

          If you ask yourself how to motivate yourself, you can talk with positive word to yourself in front of mirror “I love myself, I am successful person, I am masterpiece of almighty GOD”, please remember; don’t ever try to give negative word to yourself because your mentality power is going to decrease and your one day is fully with the negative word, so don’t be pessimistic because there is always second chance to improve what you have now and you will be given a chance to unlearn about your mistake, as result you will be motivated by the grace of almighty GOD, if you don’t trust about yourself, who else will convince you to face tomorrow?, now if you want life will give you positive mindset, you can train your mind how to delegate the positive words and grow it as if you were not seeing your negativity.