How to avoid being a victim of life

Today I would like to talk about how to avoid becoming a victim of life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are treating themselves with unsavory treatment such as paying the bill, buying something they don’t really need it so much, expend the money for luxurious thing, they never try to keep the money safe, they prefer to enjoy the majority trending in the new era rather than considering how to regenerate the ability to welcome tomorrow, that's main cause educating us to become a victim, many of us are trying to take journey with large risk because they think taking risk is good option, but they instead to making the life path is slippery.

Please remember the main cause which is causing us to become a victim of life is neglecting the reality and cursing the future’s time by digging the experience’s momentum in the past, the more you dig something in the past, the more hurt you will ingest, the more you let the past go away, the less number of suffering you will get,, sometimes almighty GOD will let you down in order to make you realized about the power of decision.

The power of decision says we can’t become a better person when we just ask for help, and we can become a better person when we are not trying to burden other people’s task and start to ask ourselves how much responsibility we can bear from now, please note; people are becoming a victim of life because they don’t want to accept the life’s education, they don’t learn about the critical question such as why we must inject a pain, why we don’t make revolution, why we must stay poor in the new era, when we can create our own path, etc.

So don’t accept the mediocre when you deserve to collect the excellent gift, the gift will be opened when you are curious about it, that's prerequisite and here are the three gifts that making you concern about life:
1.     The power of imagination
2.     The power of giving
3.     The power of curiosity
       When you activate three of them above in your routine activity, you are no longer becoming a victim of life, and it will inspire you how to become an adventurous, so there’s no impossible thing as long as we make a hope and build a door, the reason why we need to build a door because we will let the opportunity will knock our door, once the door is opened by opportunity, the miracle will work for you and it will facilitate a new promotion.