How to become a good sample to others

Today I would like to share how to become good sample to other, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are trying to stay away from kindness habit and some of them are busy to make judgment for others, so basically there’s no need to push our judgment to be accepted by other people around us, when we are busy to make judgment to others, we don’t have to access our future because we are only busy with people’s time, so there’s none other thing how to make us becoming a good sample when we just become a critic maker, sometimes we need to criticize our mindset first before we make judgment to others.

The first thing we can do how to become a good sample to others is defining about your purpose first in this life, if you have good concern about how to take care about other people’s business, you will get partnership guarantee from what you have done in the future, that’s key how to access new future, you may have opinion to disagree with me, but let’s see how future will speak to you, sometimes we need to invest something benefit in our future's time like a reputation, trust, rely and integrity.

To become a good sample to other people around us, sometimes we need to discipline about ourselves, you can look at based on the successful people’s true story, they almost have same standard namely discipline, I will give you the concrete sample, please look at the skyscrapers in your city, how can it will stand firmly for long time period if there’s no strong discipline within the material itself, so basically there’s nothing meaningful in ourselves when we can’t discipline to ourselves, so there’s no excuse when we aren’t willingly to try, if we wouldn't follow the value based on what’s successful people’s good habit, we can’t reshape our personality.

So we can’t become a good sample to others when we just sit and listen what other people saying to us, being a good sample to others can be started when we succeed to clear our mindset from the pollutant, all pollutant are coming from the toxic people, unsupported community and our fixed standard, the reason why I say such thing because there are many people are becoming a victim of life and they consider the bad thing is always happening to themselves for everlasting life, they never hope a good way how to reshape the life, I give you the additional note; all good thing will never happen when we don’t stop unproductive habit and all bad thing will happen when we keep persistent to keep it.