How to escape from mediocre

Today I would like to talk about how to escape from mediocre, the reason why I choose that topic because we as human being reject if we are being told as mediocre person, so that’s why in this moment I would like to elaborate something different how to escape from mediocre, actually there’s no man in the world want to be mediocre person, but in the reality why most people intend to teach themselves how to be mediocre? Because they don’t believe with the change, people reject the change and people hate the change, three reasons are enough to make people to be mediocre, we must realize that we have ultimate resources like; faith, courage, ingenuity, vitality and creativity, all are tools which can be used to escape from mediocrity.

Please remember that the main cause why people are being called mediocre not because of weaknesses or not because of the human’s limitation but lack of use of resourcefulness causes loss of everything, our value will decrease automatically when our inability to see our worth in the reality, we must agree that human’s creativity will be declined by itself when it’s unused, the human’s ingenuity will be diminished by itself when it’s unused, the reason why human's resources are weakened when it's unused because the effect of law of time, namely mortal, so the key how to find power to unlock the human’s potential is using the law of attraction, by that it means we need to accept the rejection and willing to accept failure, the reason why I suggest you to accept the rejection because every rejection will give the affirmation that you are more valuable rather than something that rejects you, and there’s no failure as long as we keep trying, so there is only progress, the most failure person is when we are trying to give up entirely.

Life doesn’t stop giving opportunity to human being because life knows human being don’t understand about life system, so the key to escape from mediocre is find your power of curiosity and start doing something better in one day to another days, we will not know how much time we need to teach ourselves get better, we just need time to make a freedom in failure, if we don’t want to be told as mediocre person, we need to accept the reality and have strong willingness to accept the new change, a new change doesn’t give a guarantee to human but a least new change will lead human being how to unlock their power of subconscious mind, there is no stupidity person in the world, there’s only ignorant person, they choose to become the ignorant because they don’t want to take larger responsibility, so when people don’t start to do that, as result they teach themselves to plan mediocre for everlasting.