How to know that I am different person

Today I would like to talk about how to know that I am different person, the first we should realize that we were born to be unique, whether you like or not with your condition in this life, you are always become different person rather than others, everyone in the world is having personal plan how to prophesy about their future, no one can interfere about our future's career, so becoming different is the ultimate decision to change our creation,  you can imagine if the world has one model, all people in this world are getting bored for everlasting time, the human’s creativity is no longer being used if people are born like robot, robotic program can't recognize their potential because they neglect to become different please remember; there’s no one in this world will give us special guarantee for our own success, being different is part how to dig our fortune, and the purpose of wealth is making people recognized about personal’s responsibility.

To be different person is not part of being weirdo, but being different person means we are creating something different when other people wouldn't do it, so that’s positive impact how to be different person, the reason why we must become different person because this life is offering many models for making us agreed that the wondrous opportunity is prepared for our kindness, so when people feel unlucky, the problem is not coming from the opportunity or lucky but the problem is coming from the human’s emotional intelligent wrongdoing, every day this life is offering the priceless lesson for human being in order to teach people recognizing about potential, please note; the different person is always making strategy to evolve, making strategy to do different thing, making strategy for checking progress and making strategy to make the unstoppable action, different person’s mindset is only making creation to welcome fortune where it lies at the impossible zone.  

Please remember; there is no one in the world will lead our success except we ourselves can make it happen, difference between reality and dream is you and your commitment, if we believe we can change ourselves, we can start to improve our speaking skill, there is no one can represent our dream and there is no one can replace our duty, our dream will work automatically when we already become different person, dream is going to promote our creation when we directly prove that we are deserved person.

Different person doesn’t need expectation, different person only needs time to prove that he is going to be awaited by expectation, different person can make something fabulous when other people are just doing same duty, so don’t let other people discourage you and underestimate your vision because other people will tell to themselves that they can’t do like the different person does, one day when other people doubt about what they did in the past, we will pick up fortune from their doubt.