How to know that we don’t create the future

keep running is part of how to create future

Today I would like to talk about how to know that we don’t create the future, the reason I choose that topic because most people just do what they can do and know what they want to do, they repeat the satisfactory story in every day, when we are feeling pride with the past accomplishment and ignore the possibility of change, we plan to fail automatically, so that’s basic mistake why most people can’t create the future, now I am going to share about the solution how to create the future, and I hope you will find your potential and start to ask adventurous in your career.

to create future, we need to recognize the pattern of dream first and we make it as first priority, if we want to create the future, we need to leave our capacity in the past, please note; future can't be shaped when we stop improve our standard or we don't make best preparation long time ago, so please be careful with something you create and be careful with something you follow because we are standing with our prophecy, we will fail when we don’t use the specific and clear goal, so we can’t rely on our previous standard continually because time restricts everything, if we want to get new standard for obtaining the better life, change old habit and create habit.

Please remember if we want to create the future, we need to upgrade our standard in every day, if we want to create the future in the future’s time, we can’t rely on yesterday’s time, that’s requirement we need to follow, we need to be different person and moving forward because future’s time is always demanding human’s capacity to create new thing in this life, that’s natural law, the best thing is this life can’t be collected when we always become the same person as yesterday’s event.

There is good news; we can become successful people in every single day when we always learn new thing from mistake we did in the past time and also we can become great successful person when we are forgetting about the last accomplishment in yesterday’s time and start to create new accomplishment for tomorrow, that’s method how to know whether we can succeed to create the future or not.

Habit is also having the main role to shape the human’s destiny, we can’t become new person when we always bring our fixed habit and put it into future’s time, that’s absurdity, future is always becoming mysterious, we can’t become a better person when we always wait something mysterious or unexpected thing, in order to match  our goal with the future’s time arrangement, we need to create something different every day and evolve our resourcefulness until the future says “we ourselves can control all resources on earth”