How to know that we keep failing from career

Today I would like to talk about how to know that we keep failing from career, the reason why I choose that topic because many people around me are working hard to the undeveloped zone for long time and their mindset always demand the huge benefit from that restricted area, if you say they are getting success, why they keep falling in the career, here is answer; many people hope the restricted zone where it not doesn't give them the fulfillment for everlasting, at this moment i would like to share some points how to help you out from the false career, the first I would say that it doesn’t matter how big your dream and how big your fabulous career, if you just put your future to the restricted zone, you always miss the biggest chance where you are not around, we must follow about the universe’s rule if we want to understand about career, universe says “ if human are staying same, over and over again, their passion and dream are becoming impotent”, meaning if we want to keep succeeding in our career, we just need to ignite our passion and seek the fulfillment in order to make you enlightened, although there are many obstacles in our path, our focus will not get interfered because we consider obstacle is just stepping stone, now all we need to do is strengthen the power of focus to regain our philosophy and keep doing the right thing, 

Please remember that obstacle is just the junk machine where it had been created by almighty GOD to absorb our weaknesses, so if there’s no mistake, we have never learned new thing in life, please tell to yourself "don’t try to stop learning because universe has never stopped to teach us", when you realize why you keep failing in our career, you will not agonize about your mistake because you know that mistake is prerequisite to fulfill career, now i would share the symptom people are failed in career, the first thing why people keep failing in their career because they put their major effort into the minor dreamthe second thing why people keep failing in their career is because they don’t match between their passion and their vision, the third thing why people keep failing in their career because they are trying to copy the successful people’s history.

 the fourth thing why people keep failing in their career because they prioritize other people's mission, not trying to prioritize their mission, that's my suggestion, If you want to get access in your fabulous career, you need to stop the unproductive habit, make revolution and create new productive habit such as attending the seminar, reading book, communicate with mentor, etc. please remember that fabulous career can’t be copied, it can’t be manipulated to anyone else or it can’t be multiplied to many people out there, the reason is human's career is part of personal matter, when you have this kind of mindset, the greatest success will not stop coming into you because you make yourself become an unique person.