How to live together with impossible thing

Today I would like to talk about how to live with impossible thing, the reason why I choose that topic because most people prefer to live together with possible thing and they can’t bear to turn the impossible thing into possible thing, we must take a note that possible thing has limitation, meanwhile the impossible thing has no limitation, please remember; if we just focus on the possible thing in our life, we are going to crush our life because every possible thing has limitation and one day the limitation will end immediately, if it doesn’t happen at now or later, by that it means this life is going to evolve to larger capacity and leave our living standard, please note; our living standard will be no longer valid as long as we don’t try to keep improving on our resourcefulness, if we don’t change our psychology soon, we will not get good lesson from our past experience and we can’t make progress to fulfill our long term target because we only depend and make hope on limitation area.

Most people are considering living with impossible thing will bring depression, suffering, anxiety and always regret, but it’s totally wrong, meanwhile the impossible thing in this life will offer the unlimited wealth, the reason why people don’t want to live with impossible thing because people consider the best experience of life is doing what they love to do in the past, in my opinion, most people magnify the feeling of satisfaction in the past and they don’t want to try how to upgrade their career level, please remember; happiness doesn’t appear when there is no progress at all, it’s not important how long we live on this earth if we can’t get happiness at once, the reason why most people don’t get happiness because they just trust to the possible thing and ignore the impossible thing to happen.

 The impossible thing is created by Almighty GOD in order to invite miracle to come to this world and help human being to change everything may seem unpredictable or uncontrolled, basically if there is no man who wants to live together with impossible thing, so they will never meet with hope and miracle, there is another reason why human can't meet with hope and miracle because the power of hope only lives when people believe about the truthfulness, so my advice to you is don’t reject the reality, don’t accept mediocre as your latest capacity, don’t stop to make a hope, everything impossible will turn into possible thing when you keep going and keep persistent to do right thing.