How to maximize the power of focus

Today I would like to how to maximize the power of focus, the reason why I choose that topic because power of focus is the ultimate human resources, the power of focus is very important to decide the best option, we can lose power of focus when we don't activate the power of dream, without power of focus we will make something worse because we lose our self-control and we lose the value oriented, there are some points I want to share how to maximize the power of focus and how to use it properly, in this section, I would like to put the power of focus between the urgency matter and non-urgency matter.

The first thing we must know that the power of focus can’t work maximal when there’s no urgency matter within, the more you push yourself to gain the power of focus to the minor thing, you will lose its value, the minor thing means something will not make you inspired to do that, but when you pull your dream to the major thing, power of focus will work maximal and it's multiplying, the major thing means long term plan, basically there are many ways how to make the power of focus work maximal:
1.     There is self-punishment by making own target or schedule
2.     There is self-reward / benefit after you finish the target
3.     Discipline
4.     Having strong desire to achieve it
5.     Having mentoring program
6.     Forgetting about the past momentum
7.     Minimizing many goals and being expert in that scope

The power of focus also can work maximally when we are doing something consistently by attaching the feeling of urgency, by that it means, the power of focus will work harder when we have discipline to finish short term target in long term process, so the power of focus can grow faster when we don’t agonize about something we love to do that, at this moment we need to attract the power of focus by providing the daily project in order to sharpen the power of focus,

Besides that the power of focus will be paralyzing when we don’t have the power of hope, the reason why we need to attain the power of hope because hope will create the gigantic momentum, furthermore the power of hope can predict what you will become in the long term goal period because the power of hope can change the circumstance from the impossible thing to possible thing, if you want to get the massive power of focus, so you need to train yourself by accomplishing own project in order to measure how strong our focus and measure how long we will survive by activating the power of focus. when we succeed to stay focus on the one goal, the remaining our energy will not be needed anymore, please note; the power of focus will not work properly when you don’t really want to finish what you are targetting, without having eagerness within us, there’s no power of focus.