How to motivate yourself when you say I can’t

Today I would like to talk about how to motivate yourself when you say “I can’t”, the reason why I choose that topic because most people forget how to chin up or motivate themselves when they meet with insurmountable problem, please get up on the wrong principle and now you must keep searching something meaningful in your life, you can’t just apply your words “I can’t”, you can’t be a good when you say such thing, please note; negative word will never meet with positive word, so when you say I can’t, by that it means you trust with negative word and you hope negative words will do something for you and give you good service, oh no, you can’t just simply do that.

If you want to keep your career to be meaningful, you are not allowed to say “I can’t do that because I am not getting a luck”, it’s totally wrong, please remember that every human being feels lucky, no one has no luck, every time you move to the new place, you are not staying at wrong place, every move you make, every opportunity or luck will grab your effort, although you are making mistake, but in the reality you are making progress in life’s count, so you just need to adapt yourself by facing the insurmountable thing and find something that making you inspired from it.

The simplest thing how to motivate yourself is sharing your experience to the closest family member and expose your advantages to other people without hoping a return from them, if you keep doing that habit, I believe the miracle and fortune will work for you and they will not let you going down, so when you are feeling down or you are being disappointed with something wrong, you must note that every obstacle which is created by Al mighty God, it is not intended to crush you down, but it will upgrade your mentality, your vitality and your ingenuity.

There is only thing you can do how to keep yourself motivated is keeping good habit and create something that making you enlightened about it, if you don’t trust about yourself, you can’t make good thing out of your weaknesses and you will live forever in your ignorant, some people may say motivational words is crap and it comes and goes easily, but you must remember that all good experiences of life come from the wise words and the wise words was born from the good attitudes.