How to stop pleasing everyone

Today I would like to talk about how to stop pleasing everyone, the reason why I choose that topic because people are so delicate by pleasing everyone in every single day but they forget how to stop pleasing, I have ever read “the way how you think, the way how you feel” meaning that every information data you serve to everybody around you, as result it will bounce back to you, please remember this note; the more you serve about joke, the more feeling of depression you will take, the reason why we will get depression because we just spend our time being to increase the number of joke and underestimate about the inspiration in this life.

Life is too short just for waiting everyone’s laughing to us, life will give us new challenge in order to make us stronger and help our focus to improve our value, laughing is just tool how to depress our emotional feeling is down, so be careful when you do something with the tool because you prophesy yourself about the tool you bring it with, sometimes we often consider the tool we used for obtaining the accomplishment in the past was correct and ignore to study better for collecting new tool to obtain new standard for the future, old standard is not always compatible with new standard.

Here is the natural rule; life is keeping changing from one place to another one and life is always recording the different thing from the beginning of journey and life is keeping evolving from the reachable thing towards to the unreachable one, so there’s no time to please everyone because our time is very limited and the miracle will not work just for pleasing everyone, so we need to follow the universe rule if we want to make fortune, we need to start to think differently and stop being same guy because life is never doing the same.

No matter how funny your story you are making, it doesn’t improve your personal career because life is not teaching how to escape from the life’s tough challenge, life is teaching us how to take responsibility, making joke for pleasing everyone is just trying to escape from the responsibility, please remember; the more you create joke, the more you collect the art of funny, not art of happiness, when you start to please everyone, that’s mean you are already being bored person in your most time being you make, so don’t just make joke, but you can try to inspire more, the reason why we must inspire more people with our value because the inspiration result will create the unique of you.