How to train ourselves to become resilient people

Today I would like to talk about how to train ourselves to become resilient people, the reason why I choose that topic because I observe many people have problem about their personality, averagely most people are easily getting down when they have made a friend, now we analyze a bit about it, the problem is not coming from their social bonds but the root cause is coming from our indecisive habit when we are trying to choose friend, the resilient people tend to find type of people who can give the enlightenment to themselves, sometimes during living in social community, we can’t differentiate between true friend or toxic friend because we are expecting too much to their benefits.

 Please remember; when we are trying to train ourselves to be resilient people, we will be met with injustice circumstance, so within that moment we will get the new lesson how to regain from the injustice treatment, before that we need to observe the important thing from the injustice treatment, the injustice is always treating people who don't have power of attraction, the requirement how to become resilient people are having a wisdom and freedom, every single day you must accustom yourself by doing something that make you inspired a lot, it doesn’t matter whether you feel disappointed or not about what you really did in the past, your happiness is always entangling with inspiration in the future, your pain is going to be meaningless than you thought.

The more you get inspired, the more idea will come to you, the more you feel insecure, the more suffering will come to you, every person has ever tasted about the unpleasant thing within their career, but most of them tend to give up to the reality because they don’t know how to regain from something that’s making them feel unpleasant, there are some points we need to do how to train our mindset to become resilient person,
1.     Doing a meaningful job until you get an idea in every single day
2.     Keep searching the information that’s making you learned a lot until you find the way how to improve your current mistake.
3.    Change your focus to solution, not focus on the problem.
4.     Stay away from the insecure people and seek the person that making you feel inspired a lot.
5.   Don’t put your happiness to the people who don’t want to appreciate you, then you start to build happiness to yourself and share your outcome of happiness to as many as people.
6.  Don’t start something when you don’t want to finish, and don’t finish when you haven’t started to learn from something.