How to use resourcefulness to control resource

Today I would like to talk how to activate resourcefulness to control resource, the reason I choose to talk about it because there are many people don’t know how to maximize the abundance of potential energy within human, there are many hidden potential are still locked to the human’s subconscious mind, the main cause why human’s potential is still unused because people just prioritize how they should know how to feel the comfortable feeling for long time in their career level and they tend to forget how human being can maximize the resourcefulness within emotional intelligent, if human keeps continuing to live longer to the comfort zone, one day they will taste what really bad in permanent of failure.

Please remember that failure is not asking permission to the people when the prospect is coming, but the prospect is asking to the failure how to perceive people to the critical resources, you may say “oh, my resources is going to empty, I can’t do better for my career, so I am going to stay longer at my comfort zone”. From that statement, do you think he is going to give up? Absolutely yes, there’s no doubt about it, whether you use or not, human’s resource is going to empty, all resources will be eaten by time being, the human’s resource is like an ice in the box, whether people will use it or not, ice is not going to compromise with people’s idealism, the only way how to use the resourcefulness is stop focusing yourself about how long you enjoy your past experience and start to use the power of curiosity to uncover the fact and live longer in the impossible thing.

To control the human’s resources, we need to test our knowledge with severity problem, if our knowledge can stand longer with many severity impact and resolve the problem, we will be champion because we are no longer need to live forever with the difficult thing, there’s another problem where human don’t realize it, namely over caution, over caution is mentality disease, when someone sees small problem, and he considers the problem is getting bigger, means he is type of overcautious person, if someone wants to use the resourcefulness, he must create the productive mistake in every single day to stay away from the over caution, if you don't measure your emotional feeling with resourcefulness, in the end journey you can't become proactive, productive and progressive person.
Don’t forget to measure how far your habit making progress in every day, please check whether you have free time to produce the productive habit or you don’t realize habit you are playing with, if you want to use your resourcefulness to control resources, you need to train your mind to produce the productive habit in your free time, the only way how you can do to recognize your resourcefulness is rejection, the more reject you will get, the more you get your outcome into your destiny, so you can start to leave the comfort zone, take risk and learn from it.