The difference between mediocre and great leader

Today I would like to talk about how to know difference between mediocre and great leader, as we know that mediocre is type of habit which it is telling to human being how to stay longer with current standard, so no wonder why they keep failing in the same problem, whereas great leader is  having abundance of ambition to escape from the current standard, they neglect to be mediocre because mediocre habit doesn't bring opportunity, basically great leader and mediocre are having same ideology, but they have different focus, great leader stays focus on by doing more whereas mediocre person stays focus on doing less, here the additional note you need to remember, there’s no man in the world who wants to be mediocre but all failure have been accumulated by the mediocre habit, so there’s no need to surprise why mediocre people don’t get what they really want because they maintain the mediocre habit.

The difference between mediocre and great leader can be recognized when we know how they utilize the resources, if we give the resources to the mediocre person, he will never feel enough to use the resources because he lacks of resourcefulness, so in the end he still doesn’t know how to use the resources because he intends to be ignorant person, no matter how many resources he will accept it, there’s no significant result from it, the mediocre person doesn’t need progress, he tends to wish the instant result rather than being studious person, whereas  the great leader admits he is lack of knowledge but he is willingly to pay the price by pursuing something great like get passion to help others, improve self-personality, resolve the big problem, improve knowledge, have definite purpose that he wants to become.

Great leader can do something when other people don’t want to do, great leader considers problem is not problem, but great leader considers problem will fix the worse thing, he keeps maintaining until he can change the worst problem to become easier one, although great leader is uncertain to accomplish the target in short term plan, but he can manage his emotional pressure to respect the long term process, whereas the mediocre doesn’t want to do anything better, so every single day the mediocre person treats himself like a victim, the mediocre person can’t interpret the opportunity because he can’t interpret the meaning of opportunity, the mediocre person doesn’t want to look for risk, and he intends to look for the security treatment, so no wonder the mediocre person always meets the same problem because he doesn’t want to pass the test.

Great leader likes to make long term plan because he knows the mission he created in the past will bring benefit to others in the future, great leader doesn’t feel bad when he doesn’t get benefit from it because great leader knows life circumstance will sacrifice his valuable time to make big difference to his masterpiece, great leader always thinks about the next generation, he hopes the next generation will continue his footstep, so every day great leader uses his resourcefulness to promote his idea to teach himself and be good sample to others.