There is no one will act for many

Today I would like to talk about the purpose, the reason why I choose that topic because most people are very confident to do something great but they can’t fulfill it, as we know that everyone in the world has own purpose, they spend a lot of time to work hard in order to get what they really want, the problem is why most people still can’t accomplish their purpose? The answer is because they act for many, what I mean is they just hope their expectation but doing less, that’s common mistake where people often to do it every single day, if you want to pursue what is your purpose, you need to beware of what you will become.

 You need to choose what kind of emotional character will support you, please try to live side by side with emotional intelligence such as happiness, persistent and commitment, if you want life understands you, you need to obey the rules what universe tells you, such as keep orientated with your goal and keep focusing on the right process, both suggestion will fulfill your philosophy, now the question is: why they never accomplish the purpose for single life? Because most people want for many and they don’t want to make accomplish for the one, that’s why they fail suddenly in their career, please remember, when you just do for many, you plan to fail, so the most important thing is don’t easily get satisfaction when you made little accomplishment in the past time because the big reward always demands you to keep doing on the right thing in every day.

Based on my point of view above, you can check your daily routine activity whether you have been doing for many or you are doing for the one, I wouldn’t say you don’t make a wish in your life, but I give you another point of view in order to make you realized something true and avoid the unnecessary mistake, in the reality of life; we will never make accomplishment when we break the power of focus for the many, so that our limitation, so my advice to you is you should choose which field area you want to improve and you can let go of something that you can’t control, so if you engage the new mindset like that, you will prioritize the best thing that you can make it and your potential will grow up rapidly because you act for the one. Life is giving tool to teach us how to survive, the tool that life is giving you; the power of mentality, ingenuity and the power of hope where they should belong to you