Why difficult follows opportunity

Today I would like to talk about how to comprehend the statement why difficult always follows opportunity, the reason why I choose that topic because almost 100 % people don’t like about difficult and some of them choose to avoid the difficulty points because they agree that difficult stops their triumph, now if we put our mindset on it, where we can put our logical thinking on it? The answer is depending on your mission, if you think difficult can be paid by your curiosity, so dig the information as much as you can, maybe you will think “difficult is part of impossible thing”, my answer is absolutely yes and I nod about it, but there is something missing behind on it, namely difficult mixed with opportunity and GOD's plan, so the only way how to interpret difficult is igniting the power of hope because hope is the best part of human’s last shelter.

          Don’t ever underestimate the power of hope because it will sweep your doubt and also it will help you to resolve difficulty thing, if you think there’s something difficult because your mindset tells you every day to ignore or neglect the reality, so if you are treated like thing, please tell to yourself “don’t just accept the reality because you will become the life’s victim but let reality will accept you because you are prophesying your own destiny, my point of thinking about difficult is “No matter how hard you play the game of life, if you play the game with happiness, you let difficult is going to lose because you defeat your own mediocre.

          Opportunity is not our responsibility, but having opportunity is the way how to know the door of resourcefulness, so if you consider difficult will end naturally, you need to hack your mindset to accept the difficulty thing as the stepping stone, not considering it as failure, if you meet this question “why difficult needs to present in the human’s peacefully heart” because life is keep changing, keep moving and keep evolving to the greatest thing, if we don’t take training or we don’t taste the difficult, life will take responsibility of human’s mediocre to Almighty GOD.

          There is no joke when we meet with the difficult thing, sometimes difficult is being made by Almighty GOD in order to know how many attempt will be need by human being to survive, in the end result, Almighty GOD will not let human to suffer and die, but human being choose to treat themselves to make difficult more difficult, the main cause why human behave such thing because human extinguish the power of hope and they learn to desperate, so difficult is not intending to make human to be desperate, but difficult offers human opportunity to evolve and get benefit from the mediocre