When we can start to surrender?

          Today I would like to talk about the question “when we can start to surrender?” the reason why I choose the topic because most people are planning to fail at the first career once they don’t find the right answer, in the fact life is always mysterious and we should not stop at the moment when we are still trying because the miracle is on the way and it will tell you how to make better decision, there’s always mysterious moment will count your effort and it doesn’t stop counting, before we try to stop trying, we should remember how hard you have started at the first time and how much time you invested for it, don’t just keep waiting something doesn’t complete, don't just wait for nothing because waiting doesn't change everything, you would better to think about  how to take rest when you are exhausted during trying to survive, don't worry about your effort because all your efforts will be transformed into the ultimate power and it will be utilized to break the wall of your patience.

I really understand you really tough to achieve your dream, no matter how hard you start to make good career, you must ensure you are not lack of information, you need to change your strategy to determine a new path, the reason why I choose that advice because every critical strategy will lead you to the unexpected way and you will be surprised about the new result, you may not be able to do how to find out the solution but you should find all you can do in short term, do it as if you were in training class before you pass the test, we can’t do anything better as long as we don’t want to pass the test.

All you need to do before surrendering at the first career is be curious person who wants to know about new thing in this universe, that’s the key how to prevent us from surrendering action, if you stop wondering about the universe, so that your imagination will be stuck in your surrendering action, so make sure you always collect the information in order to make us enlightened, use your best version of your skill to make another step of your career, don’t worry, your career will not disappear as long as you don't give up entirely.

Please remember; if you don’t employ your potential, you will forfeit it's value because potential within you will be perished, so you must against the time when you want to struggle defending your next career, you need to tick your valuable time and do what seem possible you can do, don’t just wait someone else to fix you, or your potential will be dead as much as the time you used it to wait, I know your feeling is going down when your career is going to ruin, but all condition can be exchanged with your asset, all you need to do during you have asset is flourishing your asset until one day it will grow in unexpected way.

Why the limitation is not the same as the weaknesses?

          Today I would like to share about the question “why the limitation is not the same as the weakness, there is reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t know how to differentiate between limitation and weakness, most of them are just following their weakness and not trying to become the best version in every single day, it’s not obligation to follow my advice, at least you have something you want to explore and you have preparation how to explore your potential and accept your limitation, please remember; limitation is not kind of curse or it’s not kind of the God’s punishment, limitation is sign that you are limited edition and you are the priceless creature in this universe, it’s not issue whether you like or not with God’s creation, He is supreme know it all, He is planning something big for your longevity happiness and prosperous, the human’s limitation is not part of desperation program but it’s part of the natural seeds and it can grow by itself.
the limitation is not something blocked in your front, but it's your fixed mindset

By that it mean, you can change your weakness but don’t ever try to change your limitation with your own creativity by creating something unnaturally to something naturally such as drawing your skin with tattoos, shaving off your eyebrow, change skin’s color, etc. the reason why I prohibit to change your limitation because everything you create in your limitation, s result it will be perishing and it’s not staying forever, so in my opinion, don’t focus on your limitation but focus on your potential within your soul, keep exploring, build skill until you get insatiable curiosity,  please remember; weakness is not completely ending to become weakness as long as human doesn’t accept it as the gift, the truly weakness from human being is being the truly ignorant and accept their mediocre.
use your limitation to escape from the past moment

I wish everybody in this world didn’t deserve to accept weakness because every weakness is just the temporary failure from the human capability, and weakness can become greatness as long as human are activating their passion and have vision to answer their insatiable question for collecting new enlightenment, human is the unique creature, every human’s decision will change something useless becoming useful thing, every greatness within human’s potential is always being covered by the hardest skin such as the pearl within sea shell, if human don’t do something consistently, they will lose the desire value in time and their potential will be perished by the time being, please note; the human’s limitation can’t be redesigned by changing the shape or changing the prototype, all we can do with our limitation is making it clean and tidy.

When we can become a security person?

        Today I would like to share about the topic “when we can become a security person?” the reason why I choose the topic because many people don’t know how to differentiate between becoming a security person and opportunity oriented person, at this moment I would elucidate the meaning of a security person, a security person is type of person who doesn’t want to introduce himself to the opportunity anymore because he thinks he is entering to solitary zone, remember when you are getting older around 50 years old, you will become a security person because you will think you are not as strong as you were yesterday, this idea will lead you to the new  place where it doesn't provide new resources and new better place, i will remind you; do not try to cling your mistake in the past because you will fail to convince yourself how to live wisdom and freedom, security person is not entitled to have wisdom and freedom in his life because he always cling the mistakes all the time.

          Don’t become a security person when you are still young, (less than 50 years old) because you will lose strong desire and you will lose your biggest value in your time, my advice to you is “always being new guy in every single day and always desire to accept mistakes when you are still young because you will become the expert when you are older”, furthermore; don’t ever think you will be security person when you are still young because you will lose the power of perseverance and the power of faith, reason why i say that because a security person doesn't believe about his growth in the future.

            Please note; there is no longevity security program in this world, only human's mindset will take it when human start to desperate, So when you are still young, you must collect the experience of life as much as you can, so during that time period you will learn the feedback and you will know yourself more than anyone else does, the most fantastic moment is you can't be bored in your life because you take opportunity and you always invent new thing in your potential, so every minute the opportunity will count how many days you are prophesying about your own future, don’t ever say you are too young to get new experience because a man who doesn’t recognize his own value, he definitely underestimates his rest of time being and he will do anything with regret, only grateful person will prepare the best seed for his own future, he knows his potential will grow up naturally like a seed, please remember; security person will not meet new chance because he doesn’t know how to differentiate between chance and past moment, only progressive person will collect the mistake in failure.

Don’t wait you are getting older then you start to accept new chance because every chance doesn’t compromise, it's too late, time equals with a chance, whether you like it or not, everyone has 24 hours, you must steady your mind because you will accept largest value of time, only starter will accept the challenge and only loser will imagine the mistake”

How to become an opportunity oriented person

Today I would like to share about how to become an opportunity oriented person, the reason I choose this topic because I would elucidate how to differentiate between becoming the opportunity oriented person and becoming the life’s victim oriented, first of all i must give you the clue that you must follow the natural of habit if you want to become the opportunity oriented person, the natural habit says “when you are doing something differently in the way you think of you become, you will become the best version of yourself, as result you will become the opportunity oriented person, but if you think you are satisfied by doing same standard and you repeat the same value, as result you will become the life’s victim because you are becoming unnatural human being”.

 If you think you are unique person, you need to do something naturally like the seed, it’s going to grow, it's not trying to copy others, it’s going to branch something towards into freedom and wisdom, in the technology era, many people are following their competition, their majority people and the human’s wisdom, so every single day they just do what other people always do, but if you know about the natural rule, it says “when you always do what other people do, you plan to fail and ruin everything you have”, so my advice to you is don’t just become new thing because you think you are going to get other people’s compliment, it's totally wrong, but you need to grow up your personality, improve what you can improve, not to get other people’s impression, but you are going to be different and unique guy.
search what you are inspiring with 

If you don’t know how to act correctly, don’t know how to feel correctly, don’t know how to think correctly, but you are persistent to keep going, that’s mean you follow the natural rule and the universe’s rule, the reason why I advise you to follow the natural rule because the miracle will work for you without you are asking the when it will work for you, the power of nature is always having new resources to give what you are observing rather than what you are needing or what you are asking, please remember the opportunist and the opportunity oriented person are having the different purpose, mostly the opportunist tends to steal the other people’s happiness and he tends to delegate other people’s weaknesses to satisfy what he is purposing it, whereas the opportunity oriented person focuses on making the great preparation in order to match between his own passion with the upcoming opportunity, so don't ever try to become the opportunist because the natural rule will punch you down, all you need to do is being a seed.

Is it good enough to buy something that we can’t earn money?

          Today I would like to talk about how to prioritize saving some money, the reason I choose that topic because many people around me underestimate how to save more money, most people tend to pay something expensive that they can’t pay in cash, that’s money oriented, oh come on you are not money making machine, please keep your tongue; when you buy something expensive rather than you can afford, oh my gosh, you are going to ruin your career because you just depend your career on limitation, please take a note; when people resist the law of reality, they are starting to put the label “the unworthy person” to their mindset, if you stick together with that label into your mind, you will not get sleeping peacefully because you feel distress because you lose your own game of life, you can't follow other people's principle continuously, the bad idea is when you don’t use your clear mindset to see the reality, automatically you  will use your feeling of satisfaction to gain the new suffering.

Please remember; the man who is deliberately pushing himself to take new responsibility bigger than his capability, life is going to destroy him and he will lose the power of faith, the reason why money can’t make someone to be rich because money is not bringing the value, but money is just facilitating the human’s satisfaction and money is just teaching human how to be money oriented person, not becoming the value oriented person if you want to be worthy person, don’t just earn money every day, you need to know the characteristic of money, when you let the money to influence you by buying everything, you will work forever, in this life, being rich person is not enough, all you need to do is spreading your unlimited potential, that's simple way how to attract the new resources like a money and partnership, before you buy something, you must learn how to influence the money to enslave your wisdom, so my advice to you is before you intend to buy something expensive, you need to know when the money will stop working to you, if you don't know when the money will stop working to you, then you must sell your fortune immediately.

Here is the additional lesson, if you want to buy something, you must know how to sell your expertise as well, if you just know how to buy and you don’t know how to sell your potential, your power of mentality is useless and it’s not growing up, if you just rush to buy something expensive and make a debt contract easily, the money will not let you keeping good ideas and you let money to ruin your creativity instantly, it’s seriously. So don’t brag yourself by depending your life is on paying debt or paying the bill because money obviously can't lend you the unlimited power, instead money will teach you how to enslave your desire to work for money for everlasting, I don’t know how much money you have now, but when you want to get freedom in your life, you need to free your mind from limitation such money, money is just facilitation, don’t ride the money because it will make you living only, but when you let yourself riding to your own masterpiece, you make fortune and you create new living.

How to understand the law of reality

          Today I would like to talk about how to understand the law of reality, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are neglecting the law of reality and they start to make an excuse until they don’t know how to come back to the reality, in the law of reality whether we like it or not, we must face the uncomfortable treatment and we must be ready how to accept the pain from life, if we don't accept it, life will ruin our days, the reality will dominate the human's sense, there is no other rule how to hide the law of reality, the main point how to understand about law of reality is we can't hide our feeling to reject the reality, but reality will reflect our prophecy in the future, we can't manipulate the law of reality, so that we must make good preparation how to learn something new in our destiny.

Now we must to know about the simple rule in this life; reality is mostly go against with the human’s expectation and normally the law of reality will not follow the human’s decision, if human wants reality follow the human expectation, human must possess the value oriented, if human being don’t want to accept the reality’s rule, human being will be intimidated by the life’s treatment, when people just focus on what they don’t want to do, human will find difficulty about the revolution, please remember that self-potential can be improved by individual person but in the limited area you don’t need to improve anything because that is not human's job, so let miracle will work and improve your unique such as wisdom and freedom.

 The reason human don’t want to follow the law of reality because they always try to copy what other people’s possession, reality will push you down when you magnify about the human expectation, if you want to succeed, you are not allowed to break the reality rule by doing something contrary with your limitation, such as you are paying debt the new house for 10 years, in fact you can't afford to pay in cash, now the question is, who wants to accept the law of reality? If you can't pay more than you can afford, that means you will not pay the wisdom, if you can't pay attention to your wisdom, your limitation will not grow up as result you are going to crush your career, the law of reality says “don’t push yourself to take new responsibility when you have limited resources in your mindset”. that means you are going to plan to fail unwittingly

 The reason why I prohibit you to take new responsibility because risk is coming when you don’t know how to bear it, so don’t just follow the majority people who advise you to take new responsibility, before you take new responsibility, you would better to learn the object you want to know, dig your potential by growing your curiosity until you have been inspired by a chance, don’t change the reality or you will be suffered a lot unwittingly.

How to mask your bad luck with new luck

            Today I would like to talk about how to mask your bad luck with new luck, the reason I choose that  topic because the topic will give you a new way of thinking way how to conquer your feeling of afraid, many people tend to stay away from a bad luck because they think bad luck will always represents the punishment, but in the reality there is no real punishment is being transformed into bad luck, please remember that luck has never transformed into good or bad thing, luck is always telling you that you are student who takes the training program in your choice, luck doesn’t deserve you to become a part of manufacturing, but luck deserves you are being God’s favors and (Allah)Almighty GOD will give you strength because He knows you are going to crush yourself with your worry and fear.

When you get bad luck in reality, you seem to start blaming others, start judging something wrong in your mind, but it’s totally wrong, if you deserve better, you are going to deserve the power of healing from (Allah) almighty GOD, if you want to get new luck, don’t hide your feeling, express your feeling by doing something that it’s inspiring you a lot, do something different and ensure it tells you that you are not in under pressure program, but you are targeting something great until you fulfill your own destiny, everybody writes his own story in the future, but why they don’t get what they want, because they turns their luck into doom story by neglecting the promising of God, please take note, Almighty GOD doesn't ask you to find the solution, He only needs your courage to pursue your dream, I will remind you that you don’t need to worry about your own luck, there’s no bad luck is going to be alive in this life, it’s just trial method how to increase your expertise.

Bad luck and good luck are having different purpose, bad luck is happening when you train your mindset how to become the ungrateful person and bad luck will give you a lot of pain when you are staying away from the law of reality, so starting from today, you need to relax your mind and stop trying to push your limited potential by paying something that’s you can’t afford in reality life, if you do that, life is going to destroy your career slowly, I will give you example in the reality; in this month you are buying a  new house but you can’t buy in cash, remember; when you keep doing that habit such thing, life doesn’t let you sleep peacefully and life takes your peacefully heart away from the unlimited resources.

How to be a game changer in life

            Today I would like to talk about how to be game changer in life, the reason I choose that topic because I want people don’t start to regret when they fail in career or in their business field, before we become a game changer in this life, we must know about the requirement you need to fulfill and think straightly how to make discipline in your tight schedule activity, when you stop doing in business, means you will not get anything better to flourish your next dream project, so you can’t become as same standard person continuously because one day you will get bored with it, don't say i am already old and it's too late, please remember; when you don't know how to play the game of your life, unwittingly you teach yourself how to be standard person in everlasting life, as result you will get fabulous regret when you are already surpassed your old time, don't just get satisfied by becoming same person because you will diminish your next future, so you need to be different person and being better person than you were yesterday, please remember; no matter how big your accomplishment size in the past, tomorrow’s time is always giving us new option, new question, new opportunity and new problem, we will never be ready guy all the time because every day there is always offering mysterious chase, our biggest enemy is our unknowing.

            If we want to be a game changer, we need to make self-discipline and being studious person in every single day, all we need to do within that habit parameter is making progress in every project, the reason why we need to enliven that habit because we are going to against the law of fear, feeling of fear will approach you when you just hope to the something that can't inspire you, the purpose of game in life is facing human’s fear, challenge the human’s desire and defeat the mediocre, if we just follow with the life’s rule, we are like the dead fish, please look at the river, only dead fish goes with the river flow and only living fish doesn’t go with the river flow, living fish has living faith to control what they need to face.

           Sometimes we need to rule the life’s law before the game is already begun, only survivor has own way how to rule the game, we must remember the simple rule; every game you are playing with, it will guide you how to pay the price of your career, the biggest career in life is going to insist you how to keep evolving, keep nurturing and keep perseverance even though you are failed in the beginning of your career.

          A game changer doesn’t accept the life treatment and he doesn’t want to be life’s victim because he knows time is always restricted by itself, but in every day game is offering the different thing, it's depending on yourself how to adapt it and how you live with it, as a game changer, you must change the composition of life treatment, a game changer always accepts reality, he never betrays with reality and he always delegates his power of fear and his power of pain to change his own mindset, a game changer doesn’t accept the self-weakness because he knows the life’s rule is always pushing and defeating every human’s mentality, a game changer is always stepping ahead of ton of mistakes he already made in the past and every day he always focuses to uncover something mysterious on the life’s treatment path. as conclusion every day he has a lot of question to resolve that question and he can succeed from that.

What I need to do when I am lazy

             Today I would like to talk about “what I need to do when I am lazy?” the reason why I choose about that topic because most people admit that they are being lazybones when they think the activity they made in the past took a lot of energy or took a lot of risk, so there’s another reason why people get laziness easily because they don’t have long term plan and they don’t want to make a dream, so whatever they take in short term activity, it’s will not give a lot of inspiration to them, I myself also easily get laziness, but I defeat my laziness with strong reason and strong belief, how to stop laziness is I usually stop focusing about my own desires and try to take care of other people who may need my help.

             If you feel that you are lazy, that indication you don’t have business at the short term period and you don’t have eagerness to fulfill your business plan in the future, so there is no new future as long as you don’t want to start your own mission, the behavior of laziness can grow up when you just watch yourself in the laziness, please take a note;  the new future will not guide you to the new chance as long as you fill in your days with your fixed mindset and bury the future’s time by digging the unproductive mistakes in the past.

             If you really want to against your laziness, the first thing you must do is you need to make self-punishment and push yourself to make long term target and pull the power of perseverance to be embedded in your vision, besides that you need to make a list about the daily target and due date schedule in order to make you feel rush and that habit will make you think that you don’t have much time to complaint because you need to rescue yourself before the regret story will be counted in your life, regret will punish you for everlasting when you choose to stick together with your comfort zone, don’t just try to depend on working hard style because it will immobilize your creativity, beside that you need to try how to inspire more people in order to get power of attention and the power of feedback from other people.

            Laziness is not part of habit, but there is unproductive decision within human’s mentality and human being prefer to repeat the laziness’s order to their mindset, please remember; if you always accept ordinary in your life, you will not accept the extraordinary in your life, but if you feel extra an ordinary guy, you will start to do different thing when other people don’t do.

How to know that I am living in the comfort zone

Today I would like to talk about how to know that I am living in the comfort zone, the reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t recognize how to differentiate between the comfort zone and freedom zone, the simplest thing how to know that you are living in the comfort zone is your idea doesn’t grow up and your ingenuity doesn’t evolve as well, that’s evidence that you are living in the comfort zone for too long, if you ask me, do I make mistake if I choose to live comfort zone for too long? The answer is “yes, if you wish could survive in the long term plan, your ability is going to die when you choose to live in the comfort zone, so don’t ever try to underestimate about time, when you choose to live in the comfort zone for too long, your idea, your creativity, your ingenuity are going to die, if it doesn’t now or later, slow but sure our hope will perish.

There are many ways how to determine about idealism and happiness in this life, but when people decide to live in the comfort zone, they will not feel courage, they won’t feel inspired, they won’t feel enlightened, otherwise they start to fear, they start to worry, they start to doubt, they start to get angry, they start to blame everything, do you know the root cause? It is coming from their decision to live in comfort zone for too long, please remember; to live in this world, it’s not important how long you live on earth, but the most important is how you create your mission and bring it to be alive, if you intend to exchange your happiness with the worldly goods, day by day you will not lose the significant of ideas and comfort zone will ransack your state of happiness, it is going to perish because you insist to magnify the comfort zone.

Please remember that you can’t feel good all the time when you do not do something better by now and you will not get freedom when you are too worry about something that you can’t control, you can’t achieve new higher standard when you are too satisfied about small achievement in the comfort zone, you can’t get new currency when you just enjoy small penny in your pocket and not trying to progress your ability, when you are staying too long in your same standard, you will lose your creativity and you will lose your ingenuity, hopefully this article will help you how to know whether you are staying in the comfort zone or not.