How to be a game changer in life

            Today I would like to talk about how to be game changer in life, the reason I choose that topic because I want people don’t start to regret when they fail in career or in their business field, before we become a game changer in this life, we must know about the requirement you need to fulfill and think straightly how to make discipline in your tight schedule activity, when you stop doing in business, means you will not get anything better to flourish your next dream project, so you can’t become as same standard person continuously because one day you will get bored with it, don't say i am already old and it's too late, please remember; when you don't know how to play the game of your life, unwittingly you teach yourself how to be standard person in everlasting life, as result you will get fabulous regret when you are already surpassed your old time, don't just get satisfied by becoming same person because you will diminish your next future, so you need to be different person and being better person than you were yesterday, please remember; no matter how big your accomplishment size in the past, tomorrow’s time is always giving us new option, new question, new opportunity and new problem, we will never be ready guy all the time because every day there is always offering mysterious chase, our biggest enemy is our unknowing.

            If we want to be a game changer, we need to make self-discipline and being studious person in every single day, all we need to do within that habit parameter is making progress in every project, the reason why we need to enliven that habit because we are going to against the law of fear, feeling of fear will approach you when you just hope to the something that can't inspire you, the purpose of game in life is facing human’s fear, challenge the human’s desire and defeat the mediocre, if we just follow with the life’s rule, we are like the dead fish, please look at the river, only dead fish goes with the river flow and only living fish doesn’t go with the river flow, living fish has living faith to control what they need to face.

           Sometimes we need to rule the life’s law before the game is already begun, only survivor has own way how to rule the game, we must remember the simple rule; every game you are playing with, it will guide you how to pay the price of your career, the biggest career in life is going to insist you how to keep evolving, keep nurturing and keep perseverance even though you are failed in the beginning of your career.

          A game changer doesn’t accept the life treatment and he doesn’t want to be life’s victim because he knows time is always restricted by itself, but in every day game is offering the different thing, it's depending on yourself how to adapt it and how you live with it, as a game changer, you must change the composition of life treatment, a game changer always accepts reality, he never betrays with reality and he always delegates his power of fear and his power of pain to change his own mindset, a game changer doesn’t accept the self-weakness because he knows the life’s rule is always pushing and defeating every human’s mentality, a game changer is always stepping ahead of ton of mistakes he already made in the past and every day he always focuses to uncover something mysterious on the life’s treatment path. as conclusion every day he has a lot of question to resolve that question and he can succeed from that.