How to become an opportunity oriented person

Today I would like to share about how to become an opportunity oriented person, the reason I choose this topic because I would elucidate how to differentiate between becoming the opportunity oriented person and becoming the life’s victim oriented, first of all i must give you the clue that you must follow the natural of habit if you want to become the opportunity oriented person, the natural habit says “when you are doing something differently in the way you think of you become, you will become the best version of yourself, as result you will become the opportunity oriented person, but if you think you are satisfied by doing same standard and you repeat the same value, as result you will become the life’s victim because you are becoming unnatural human being”.

 If you think you are unique person, you need to do something naturally like the seed, it’s going to grow, it's not trying to copy others, it’s going to branch something towards into freedom and wisdom, in the technology era, many people are following their competition, their majority people and the human’s wisdom, so every single day they just do what other people always do, but if you know about the natural rule, it says “when you always do what other people do, you plan to fail and ruin everything you have”, so my advice to you is don’t just become new thing because you think you are going to get other people’s compliment, it's totally wrong, but you need to grow up your personality, improve what you can improve, not to get other people’s impression, but you are going to be different and unique guy.
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If you don’t know how to act correctly, don’t know how to feel correctly, don’t know how to think correctly, but you are persistent to keep going, that’s mean you follow the natural rule and the universe’s rule, the reason why I advise you to follow the natural rule because the miracle will work for you without you are asking the when it will work for you, the power of nature is always having new resources to give what you are observing rather than what you are needing or what you are asking, please remember the opportunist and the opportunity oriented person are having the different purpose, mostly the opportunist tends to steal the other people’s happiness and he tends to delegate other people’s weaknesses to satisfy what he is purposing it, whereas the opportunity oriented person focuses on making the great preparation in order to match between his own passion with the upcoming opportunity, so don't ever try to become the opportunist because the natural rule will punch you down, all you need to do is being a seed.