How to know that I am living in the comfort zone

Today I would like to talk about how to know that I am living in the comfort zone, the reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t recognize how to differentiate between the comfort zone and freedom zone, the simplest thing how to know that you are living in the comfort zone is your idea doesn’t grow up and your ingenuity doesn’t evolve as well, that’s evidence that you are living in the comfort zone for too long, if you ask me, do I make mistake if I choose to live comfort zone for too long? The answer is “yes, if you wish could survive in the long term plan, your ability is going to die when you choose to live in the comfort zone, so don’t ever try to underestimate about time, when you choose to live in the comfort zone for too long, your idea, your creativity, your ingenuity are going to die, if it doesn’t now or later, slow but sure our hope will perish.

There are many ways how to determine about idealism and happiness in this life, but when people decide to live in the comfort zone, they will not feel courage, they won’t feel inspired, they won’t feel enlightened, otherwise they start to fear, they start to worry, they start to doubt, they start to get angry, they start to blame everything, do you know the root cause? It is coming from their decision to live in comfort zone for too long, please remember; to live in this world, it’s not important how long you live on earth, but the most important is how you create your mission and bring it to be alive, if you intend to exchange your happiness with the worldly goods, day by day you will not lose the significant of ideas and comfort zone will ransack your state of happiness, it is going to perish because you insist to magnify the comfort zone.

Please remember that you can’t feel good all the time when you do not do something better by now and you will not get freedom when you are too worry about something that you can’t control, you can’t achieve new higher standard when you are too satisfied about small achievement in the comfort zone, you can’t get new currency when you just enjoy small penny in your pocket and not trying to progress your ability, when you are staying too long in your same standard, you will lose your creativity and you will lose your ingenuity, hopefully this article will help you how to know whether you are staying in the comfort zone or not.