How to mask your bad luck with new luck

            Today I would like to talk about how to mask your bad luck with new luck, the reason I choose that  topic because the topic will give you a new way of thinking way how to conquer your feeling of afraid, many people tend to stay away from a bad luck because they think bad luck will always represents the punishment, but in the reality there is no real punishment is being transformed into bad luck, please remember that luck has never transformed into good or bad thing, luck is always telling you that you are student who takes the training program in your choice, luck doesn’t deserve you to become a part of manufacturing, but luck deserves you are being God’s favors and (Allah)Almighty GOD will give you strength because He knows you are going to crush yourself with your worry and fear.

When you get bad luck in reality, you seem to start blaming others, start judging something wrong in your mind, but it’s totally wrong, if you deserve better, you are going to deserve the power of healing from (Allah) almighty GOD, if you want to get new luck, don’t hide your feeling, express your feeling by doing something that it’s inspiring you a lot, do something different and ensure it tells you that you are not in under pressure program, but you are targeting something great until you fulfill your own destiny, everybody writes his own story in the future, but why they don’t get what they want, because they turns their luck into doom story by neglecting the promising of God, please take note, Almighty GOD doesn't ask you to find the solution, He only needs your courage to pursue your dream, I will remind you that you don’t need to worry about your own luck, there’s no bad luck is going to be alive in this life, it’s just trial method how to increase your expertise.

Bad luck and good luck are having different purpose, bad luck is happening when you train your mindset how to become the ungrateful person and bad luck will give you a lot of pain when you are staying away from the law of reality, so starting from today, you need to relax your mind and stop trying to push your limited potential by paying something that’s you can’t afford in reality life, if you do that, life is going to destroy your career slowly, I will give you example in the reality; in this month you are buying a  new house but you can’t buy in cash, remember; when you keep doing that habit such thing, life doesn’t let you sleep peacefully and life takes your peacefully heart away from the unlimited resources.